My Opinions on NCT Dream

(Updated January 2021)

I must admit that I’m not as invested in NCT Dream as I am in the other NCT subunits.  It doesn’t have anything to do with their music or the members themselves; it’s because of the massive age difference.  On average, the members are a full decade younger than I am.  And on top of that, they have youthful concept based on being teenagers (though it has become less youth-oriented as time goes by).  While I have come to enjoy their music more as their sound matures, I still pretty much follow them because they’re part of NCT as a whole. That doesn’t mean I dislike them or that I don’t enjoy their music and videos; I just feel that it’s a large age gap between the group and myself is a lot overcome, and it’s hard for me to be more than a casual listener/occasional video watcher.

First member I recognized: Mark, because I’ve been with NCT since they debuted in 2016 and I saw him in the other units. It actually took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that Haechan was in both NCT 127 and NCT Dream.

Current bias and why: To be truthful, I don’t really have an NCT Dream bias.  Like I’ve said, the age gap is too large for me. So rather than fangirling, I appreciate them in a way that’s more like, “You’re doing great sweetie.” (Or as some of my fellow noona friends like to say, “My son _______.”) If I had to pick, I guess I’d choose Jaemin because I just watched a BUNCH of videos for this profile and he made me laugh a lot.

Favorite song:  Overall, I think my favorite song might be “Deja Vu.” When I heard it, I just thought it fit NCT Dream and their whole concept really well. It was a nice mix of their really youthful earlier music and their more dance-focused later music. But if we’re keeping to official title tracks, I’ll say “My First and Last.”  This seems weird since I’m probably the same age as the teacher that the members are crushing on in the music video, but I find the style and theme of this song very nostalgic.  It reminds me of when I was in high school and had a very optimistic outlook on love, and I listen to it when I’m feeling particularly jaded and need something light and uplifting.

Favorite Album: Reload. I’ve never bought any of NCT Dream’s albums, but I really enjoy all of the songs on this one. Since there are supposedly some big restructuring changes ahead, I think it’s a really nice end to the era of NCT Dream as they are now.

Favorite MV: “BOOM.” I just really liked the aesthetic and production design for this one. It felt very high quality.

Favorite era: “Ridin.”  I REALLY like this song, and I think the overall comeback really shows how far they’ve progressed. Most of them aren’t teenagers anymore; they’re young adults. And it’s really nice to see them brace a more mature and age-appropriate image, especially since SM had them looking like actual children for so long.

Favorite choreography: “My First and Last.”  Considering NCT Dream’s rookie status and their average age, their dances have an insanely high difficulty level.  I remember watching the choreography for this one and just being blown away at all they could do.

Favorite singer: Haechan.  Sometimes, there are too many vocalists in NCT 127 for him to really shine there. But since NCT Dream is very rapper and dancer based, his voice stands out and suits their songs really well.

Favorite rapper: Jaemin. He has a nice low tone, and he always gets a lot of interesting parts.

Favorite dancer: Jisung.  This kid’s dancing is no joke, even from his SM audition video (which I saw at SMTown).. Donghae and Eunhyuk have actually called him “the future of SM.”  Just look up any of his dance videos on YouTube and be prepared for your jaw to drop.

NOTE: Cover Image belongs to SM Entertainment.

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