My Opinions on NCT U

(Updated May 2020)

I got into K-pop in early 2016, so NCT U’s debut was actually the first one that I actively followed. I really didn’t know anything about SM Rookies at the time, but I was already following several SM groups and was interested to see what their newest group would be like.  I remember watching “The Seventh Sense” and being so impressed with it.  Though I’m not as invested in NCT U as I am NCT 127 – especially because they’re not as active – I really do enjoy seeing what new music they experiment with. I tend to prefer the bigger group songs or anything that has Taeyong involved, but I certainly appreciate everything they put out.

First member I recognized: Taeyong, because I saw him in Red Velvet’s “Be Natural.” Also, it was pretty impossible not to remember him when he had such distinctive snow white hair and was so dominant in “The 7th Sense.” The music video is seriously 80% him.

First bias: Doyoung. I’m not sure how this happened because Doyoung’s not my usual idol type, but there was a very brief period where I preferred him over Taeyong. I was probably really drawn to his voice, which is very different from the other members’ vocal tones.

Current bias and why: Taeyong.  I also wrote about this in the NCT 127 profile, but I have so much admiration for Taeyong. His dancing skills and his stage presence are seriously off the charts.  It’s really hard for me to watch anyone else when he’s onstage; his charisma just pulls me in.

Favorite song: “Baby Don’t Stop.” I tend to listen to songs to the point where I get sick of them and then move on to newer stuff, but I have never once skipped this song on shuffle since it was released. It’s THAT good.

Favorite MV: “Boss.” I didn’t really see the full story that they were talking about in a behind the scenes video, but I definitely got the concept of alpha males fighting for territory.  I love the location of the music video and how they filmed in all these run down and abandoned places, which provided a sharp contrast to their impeccable styling and clothing.

Favorite era: “Boss” / “Baby Don’t Stop.”  I was really invested in the NCT 2018 project as a whole, but I was super hyped with these two songs because they came out first.

Favorite choreography: “The Seventh Sense.” It’s so smooth and flows so well.

Who I think is the best looking: In the interest of choosing someone who isn’t Taeyong, I’ll pick Lucas.  But seriously, Lucas is ridiculously good looking. That one closeup shot of him in “Boss” is practically iconic.

Who I think is the cutest: Jungwoo.  I didn’t actually think this when they were promoting “Boss” because I didn’t know much about him (plus they were supposed to be all intimidating and stuff), but he seems so soft and sweet in NCT’s other videos.

Favorite singer: Doyoung.  Though he does main vocal duties in both NCT U and NCT 127, I feel like his voice stands out a little more in NCT U songs.

Favorite rapper: Taeyong. Mark probably is stronger, but Taeyong’s voice sounds so interesting and unique when he raps. It really doesn’t match his general pretty boy appearance, and I find it fascinating.

Favorite dancer: Taeyong. Again, I think it’s a stage presence/charisma thing.  I think Ten is a fantastic dancer, but I literally only looked at Taeyong during “Baby Don’t Stop.”

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