My Opinions on SuperM

I must confess that sometimes I have mixed feelings about SuperM. It has NOTHING to do with the members – I love all SM Entertainment groups and all of the people involved. It’s more that I like the idea and concept of SuperM, but not the execution – specifically, the marketing and the branding. As an American K-pop fan, I appreciate SM turning its attention to the United States… but I don’t think it’s great for them to focus solely on the American music market. SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV all have massive fandoms in South Korea AND all over the world who are willing to financially support SuperM… but they can’t, because most of the merchandise is often only available to buy in the United States. I know a lot of this might be because they’re signed to a big American label, but I still wish they could be promoted as more of a global group. That being said, I fully support SuperM and I’m really glad the project is a success so far.

Current bias and why: Taeyong. He’s my NCT bias (and one of my top biases ever), so that just automatically carried over into SuperM.

Favorite song: “Tiger Inside.” I just find it so unique and interesting, especially compared to the other singles SuperM has released so far. I think a lot of their singles are targeted towards more Western audiences – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but “Tiger Inside” was the kind of style and sound that I was envisioning when I first heard about SuperM forming.

Favorite album: There are only two so far, but I like the diversity of Super One.

Favorite choreography: “Tiger Inside.” Choreographies that center around the movements of animals can be super risky (read: sometimes they look weird), but I think that “Tiger Inside” pulled it off well. The moves really embody the feel and vibe of the song.

Favorite MV: “Tiger Inside.” (I wish my SuperM interests were more diverse, but sadly they aren’t at this point.) I just really loved the aesthetic, and I’m so here for the outfits.

Favorite era: I’d say this current era (so I guess everything they’ve been doing since August), since I feel like I have a better feel for who SuperM is as a group now.

Who I think is the best looking: Taeyong. No explanations needed.

Who I think is the cutest: Mark. I know there are TONS of fans closer to his age who won’t agree with me, but I just perpetually see him as he was when he was 16 and debuting in NCT. That will probably never change for me until he’s like 30.

Favorite singer: Taemin. I’m a huge EXO fan, so I *know* that Baekhyun is an amazing power vocal because I hear it in their songs all the time. I’m not as strongly attached to SHINee – I like them a lot, but I don’t listen to their music as often. So in SuperM, I find myself more drawn to Taemin’s voice because I’m just not as familiar with him.

Favorite rapper: Taeyong to absolutely no one’s surprise. I think Mark is also a great rapper, but my preference has always been for Taeyong since the early NCT days and that just hasn’t changed.

Favorite dancer: In the interest of picking someone *other* than Taeyong, I will choose Kai. I know Kai is a superb dancer, but I never look at him when I watch EXO performances because I’m always watching Sehun (my EXO bias) instead. It’s easier for me to pay attention to him when I see him in SuperM. And even though SuperM technically has four main dancers and two lead dancers, Kai’s experience and comfort being on stage really stand out. He really gives off the vibe of a seasoned professional.

NOTE: Cover image is a teaser photo for “Tiger Inside” and belongs to SM Entertainment.

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