My Opinions on WayV

(Posted August 2020)

I admit that I don’t pay as much attention to WayV as I should, and I feel really bad about it. I wasn’t really familiar with their music and videos (until recently)because I’ve been trying to improve my Korean since I moved to South Korea, and listening to and watching things in Chinese was confusing me. (I used to study Chinese in high school, so I’d say my Chinese and Korean listening comprehension levels are fairly similar) So last year, I just temporarily stopped consuming any media that wasn’t in Korean or English – which meant most of WayV’s music and videos got put on the back-burner. But I really do like WayV, and I think they have so much talent and potential. It’s a shame that SM markets them so separately from NCT; but on the plus side, I think it’s allowed them to form their own image and musical identity.

First member I recognized: I don’t really have a straight unit because I obviously knew all of the members who had been in other NCT units before WayV debuted. Among the three who joined SM after NCT’s debut, I recognized Xiao Jun first. I confused Hendery and YangYang for the LONGEST time – actually I still did it up until I started getting serious about making this profile. I don’t know why I had so much trouble because they look NOTHING alike, but I guess I mix up their names.

First bias: I don’t remember anymore… it would have been one of the NCT members I knew already, so I’m guessing it was Ten.

Current bias and why: Xiao Jun. I actually find this pick really interesting because I don’t typically have vocalists as my bias. I’m usually drawn to the dancers – and there are SO many strong dancers in WayV – but Xiao Jun has so much charisma that he always catches my attention in their performances

Favorite song: I REALLY like “Moonwalk.” It’s just so interesting to listen to because it goes in so many unexpected directions, but it all sounds so pleasant.

Favorite choreography: “Turn Back Time.” It’s so intricate and well-done, and I love how the key points really match the music and the theme of the song.

Favorite MV: All of them are really visually stunning, but I love the aesthetic of “Moonwalk.” Also, the part where Ten dances while his jacket is suspended in the air is amazing.

Favorite era: It’s “Turn Back Time” by default, because this was the first time I actually decided to sit down and watch some of their performances and videos.

Who I think is the best looking: Like many groups, it’s hard to pick because WayV is full of visual after visual. I’ll choose Hendery because I think he has very unique and intriguing features, especially his eyes.

Favorite singer: Xiao Jun. He has a really nice vocal tone that stands out from the others – which is perhaps why I always notice him during performances.

Favorite rapper: They’re all quite similar, but I’ll pick YangYang because I like a lot of his rap parts.

Favorite dancer: Ten. WayV is full of EXCELLENT dancers, so much so that I had trouble figuring out who were the actual lead dancers. I would honestly give them all As for their dancing, but Ten would get an A+. Not only is he extremely technically skilled, but he also has that performance factor. And his movements are so smooth and effortless.

NOTE: The featured image is from WayV’s Twitter account and is of WayV promoting “Bad Alive” at Show Champion. The original Tweet and picture can be found here.

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