NCT 127 Discography

(Updated January 2021)

Number of Promoted Singles: 9
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 4
Number of Full Albums: 2
Number of Repackage Albums: 3 (one is with all of the NCT subunits)
Other Singles: 5

Foreign Promotions: Although NCT is the designated “Seoul” unit of NCT, they also release music in Japan (which is not covered by this blog). Recently, they have turned their attention towards promoting in the United States (which is semi-covered by this blog).


“Fire Truck” (DEBUT – July 10)
NCT #127
(1st mini album)
NCT 127 debuts with Taeyong, Taeil, Yuta, Jaehyun, WinWin, Mark, and Haechan


“Limitless” (January 6)

(2nd mini album)
Johnny and Doyoung join the group.

“Cherry Bomb” (June 14)

Cherry Bomb
(3rd mini album)
NCT 127 earns their first music show win.


“Touch” (March 14)

NCT 2018 Empathy
(1st album with the other NCT subunits)

“Simon Says” (November 23)

(repackage of Regular/Irregular)
WinWin stops promotions with NCT 127 to prepare for WayV’s debut. He is still currently promoting with WayV and has not participated in any NCT 127 activities from this point forward.

“Regular” (October 12)

(1st full album)
Jungwoo joins the group.


“Superhuman” (May 24)
We Are Superhuman
(4th mini album)


“Kick It” (March 6)

Neo Zone
(2nd full album)

“Music, Dance” (October 12)

Resonance Pt. 1
(2nd album with the other NCT units)
This was the song NCT 127 contributed to the album, but it was not promoted on music shows.

“Punch” (May 19)

Neo Zone: The Final Round
(Neo Zone repackage)


“Regular” (2018)

“Highway to Heaven” (2019)


“Taste the Feeling” (SM Station Season 1)
(July 28, 2016)

It’s the Korean version of the Coca Cola theme song.

“Switch (featuring SR15B)”
(Released July 2016 / MV December 20, 2016)

This actually includes most current members of NCT, because it was filmed back when they were all still in SM Rookies (which is why they all look like babies). It’s listed as an NCT 127 song because it was included in their first mini album.

“Let’s Shut Up and Dance”
(collaboration with Jason Derulo and Lay)
February 22, 2019

A special single that was a tribute to Michael Jackson.

“So Am I” by Ava Max
(featured artist)
July 4, 2019

NOTE: All album artwork images belong to SM Entertainment. All videos belong to SM Entertainment and were posted on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel with two exceptions. “Let’s Shut up and Dance” music video is on Jason Derulo’s YouTube channel. “So Am I” lyrics video is on Ava Max’s YouTube channel.

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