NCT 127 in the United States: Spring 2018

(Updated May 2020)

NCT 127 has been traveling to the United States to perform fairly frequently in the past couple years. As their popularity has grown, they’ve also started giving a lot of interviews and appearing on online segments for popular American magazines and media channels. Because there are so many videos, I’ve broken them down into several pages. This page covers when NCT 127 was in the United States for the Korea Times Music Festival and KCON New York (2018).


Interview with Young Hollywood

Part 1

Part 3

Part 2

Other Interviews

Interview with Access

Interview with Billboard

“I Spent the Day With a K-Pop Boy Band: NCT 127” (BuzzFeed)


BUILD Series Interview

Interview with People

“NCT 127 Plays Would You Rather” on Buzzfeed

Trying “Iconic New York Foods” on Access

OTHER (Summer 2018)

I don’t really remember why they were in the U.S. at this time, maybe for another festival performance or something.

Breaking down “Cherry Bomb” dance moves for Teen Vogue

Teaching Korean Slang for Vanity Fair

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