NCT 127 in the United States: Winter Holidays 2019

(Updated May 2020)

NCT 127 has been traveling to the United States to perform fairly frequently in the past couple years.  As their popularity has grown, they’ve also started giving a lot of interviews and appearing on online segments for popular American magazines and media channels.  Because there are so many videos, I’ve broken them down into several pages. This page covers around when NCT 127 was invited to perform at several holiday themed concerts and events in November and December of 2019. There aren’t as many videos as when they went for their world tour, but they still did some fun segments!

NOTE: Jungwoo is not in these videos because he was on hiatus for health reasons.


Interview with Entertainment Tonight
Members: Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Mark


“NCT 127 ‘Highway to Heaven’ Official Lyrics & Meaning
(The English version, but they sometimes compare it to the Korean lyrics)


“NCT 127 Takes a Friendship Test” – The group divides into pairs (or smaller groups) and does tests to get closer like writing compliments about each other, hugging for a long time, mirroring each other’s dance moves, etc.

“NCT 127 Acts Out 19 Emotions”


“NCT 127 Play I Dare You” (also known as Truth or Dare)

SOURCES: YouTube, Entertainment Tonight, Genius, Glamour, Teen Vogue

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