NCT Dream B-Sides I like

(Updated January 2021)

To be honest, I wasn’t too into NCT Dream’s music for a while. All the members are so much younger than I am, and they were initially focused on such a youthful sound that I just didn’t relate to at all. While I like most of their singles and title tracks, I mostly supported them because they were an NCT unit. However, I do really like their latest albums! I would honestly recommend listening to all the tracks off of We Boom and Reload, so I went ahead and linked them all.

Click the title to pull up a YouTube link to the song!



I also really like “Deja Vu,” which is the song NCT Dream contributed to the NCT 2020 Album Resonance.

SOURCES: SM Entertainment, YouTube (NCT Dream’s channel), SBS
Cover Image also belongs to SM Entertainment.

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