NCT Dream Discography

(Updated January 2021)

Number of Promoted Singles: 7
Number of Single Albums: 1
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 4
Number of Full Albums: 1 (with the other NCT subunits in 2018)
Other Singles: 6


“Chewing Gum” (August 24, 2016)
Debut Digital Single


*NOTE: Jaemin took a hiatus from the group this year to deal with an injury.

“My First and Last” (February 9)

The First
(1st single album)
“My First and Last” won NCT Dream both their first music show award and first Triple Crown (both on The Show).

“We Young” (August 17)

We Young
(1st mini album)


“GO” (March 4)

NCT 2018 Empathy
(1st album with the other NCT subunits)

“We Go Up” (September 3)

We Go Up
(2nd mini album)

*NOTE: At the end of 2018, Mark officially graduated from the group as he had become an adult (in Korean age).


“Boom” (July 26)
We Boom (3nd mini album)


“Ridin'” (April 29)

(4th mini album)

“Deja Vu” (October 8)

Resonance Pt. 1
(2nd album with the other NCT units)
This was not promoted on music shows, but NCT Dream released a track video and has performed it on NCT World 2.0 and at online concerts.

*NOTE: In 2020, SM Entertainment announced that “Ridin'” would be the last comeback with the six members. Mark would rejoin the unit, and it would function as a rotational unit (like NCT U) going forward. Mark did rejoin NCT Dream during the NCT 2020 project, but they haven’t made a comeback yet – so we’ll have to see what happens in the future!

Other Singles and Collaborations

“Trigger the Fever”
March 15, 2017

The theme song for the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which was hosted by South Korea in 2017 (NCT Dream were the global ambassadors). This song is included as a bonus track on NCT Dream’s We Young mini album.

“Joy” (SM Station Season 2)
December 15, 2017

A Christmas themed song for SM Station.

“Candle Light”
(SM Station Season 3)
December 27, 2018

This is the song that denoted Mark’s graduation from NCT Dream.

“Don’t Need Your Love” (with HRVY)
(SM Station Season 3)
June 6, 2019

Haechan did not participate in this song because he was promoting with NCT 127 at the time.

(English language track)
July 2019

This coincided with NCT Dream’s appointment as global ambassadors of the World Scout Foundation.

“Up to You” by PRETTYMUCH
(featuring artist)
November 22, 2019

NOTE: All music videos are uploaded on YouTube, and all music videos and album covers belong to SM Entertainment with three exceptions. “Trigger the Fever” music video uploaded by the Korea Football Association. “Fireflies” is on NCT’s music channel on YouTube. “Up to You” is on PRETTYMUCH’s channel.

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