NCT Dream Music Show Wins, Achievements, and Awards

(Update in Progress – July 2021)

Page 1: Music Show Wins (see below)
Page 2: Achievements (sales, streaming, etc.)
Page 3: Awards


First Win: February 14, 2017 on The Show for “My First and Last”
Total Wins: 20 (as of July 15, 2021)
Most Awarded Song: “Hot Sauce” with 8 wins (as of July 2021)
First Triple Crown: February 28, 2017 on The Show for “My First and Last”
Total Triple Crowns: 2 (as of July 2021)

NCT Dream’s first win for “Hot Sauce” (Show Champion on May 19, 2021) is actually the first music show win they got for a comeback that all 7 members participated in. Jaemin was on hiatus during “My First and Last” because of an injury, and “BOOM” and “Ridin'” happened during the time when Mark wasn’t part of the group.

The ShowShow ChampionM! CountdownMusic BankMusic CoreInkigayoTotal Wins
My First and Last33
Hot Sauce132*118
Hello Future121116

*The Music Bank broadcast for May 21, 2021 was canceled due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19. The show revealed NCT Dream as the winners for that broadcast several days later.

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