NCT Individual Activities: Songwriting and Composing

As of 2020, Taeyong and Mark are the members who are most active in making NCT’s music. They both primarily work on writing lyrics, though Taeyong has also occasionally helped compose music. Although it isn’t as common, there are several other NCT and WayV members who have contributed lyrics as well.


Page 1: Taeyong (see below)
Page 2: Mark
Page 3: Other NCT and WayV members who have participated in songwriting (Jaehyun, Johnny, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, Hendery, YangYang)


Taeyong has helped write lyrics for songs by NCT U and NCT 127, as well as his own songs for SM Station and two songs for SuperM. Title tracks and promoted singles are highlighted in bold.

AlbumUnitSongs Taeyong Wrote Lyrics For
Debut single (2016)NCT U“The Seventh Sense”
NCT #127 (2016)NCT 127“Fire Truck”
“Mad City”
Limitless (2017)NCT 127“Good Thing”
“Back 2 U (AM 01:27)”
“Baby Don’t Like It”
SM Station Season 2 (2017)Collaboration w/ Hitchhiker“Around”
Cherry Bomb (2017)NCT 127“Cherry Bomb”
“Running 2 U”
“0 Mile”
“Summer 127”
SM Station Season 2 (2017)Collaboration with Yoo Youngjin “Cure”
NCT 2018 Empathy (2018)NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018“Boss” (NCT U)
“Baby Don’t Stop” (NCT U)
“Yestoday” (NCT U)
“Black on Black” (NCT 2018)
Regular-Irregular (2018)NCT 127“City 127” (lyrics and music)
“Regular” (English and Korean)
“My Van”
“Come Back”
Regulate (2018)NCT 127“Welcome to My Playground”
“Chain” (Korean version)
SM Station Season 3 (2019)Solo song“Long Flight” (lyrics and music)
SuperM (2019)SuperM“No Manners”
Neo Zone (2020)NCT 127“Pandora’s Box”
“Mad Dog”
“Love Song”
Super One (2020)SuperM“Together at Home”
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