NU’EST Variety Show Appearances: “Bet Bet” Era

(Last updated May 2020)

IMPORTANT!!! I have moved to Korea since I created this blog, and I have discovered that many videos – especially ones that are uploaded by fans with English subs – have been blocked on Korean YouTube and other websites.  So unfortunately, I cannot watch most of these videos or verify the links anymore.  This also means I cannot add as many videos as before because they simply are not available in my region.  I’m sorry if you click on something and it’s no longer there, but there’s not really any way for me to check! – Katherine

Approximate Promotion Period: April/May 2019


4 episodes
NU’EST’s travel variety show where they all go on vacation together for the first time as a group. The first two episodes are a short camping trip in Gangwon Province, and the second two are them exploring Japan after performing at KCON.


NU’EST’s ongoing web series on their YouTube channel. There are LOTS of different episodes, but I embedded the ones most closely related to this comeback (aka them preparing for their concert and preparing for their album. The YouTube channel has a playlist here, but it starts with the most recent videos.

Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol
(주간 아이돌)
MBC Every1
Episode 405
A popular variety show that shines the spotlight on one or more idol groups every episode.  There are well-known corners that often involve dance challenges or aegyo, but the guests always play games or complete missions to earn prizes.

*Weekly Idol fansub videos are blocked in Korea, so I can only link clips I can find on YouTube at this point. There isn’t much available for this particular episode, so enjoy this clip of Minhyun doing aegyo.

Amazing Saturday

Amazing Saturday
Also known as Doremi Market
(놀라운 토요일)
Episode 58
JR and Minhyun
A variety show with a fixed cast of several well known variety stars and idols and then two guest stars for every episode.  Each week features one market in South Korea.  The cast members and guests must play games to win the chance to eat one of that market’s three representative foods.

Amazing Saturday is hard to find in Korea outside of some clips on YouTube, so I can only embed the episode teaser. Sorry that it’s not subbed!

SOURCES: YouTube* (+ NU’EST channel), MBC Every1, MNET/M2, tvN

*Weekly Idol clip uploaded and subbed by ALL THE K-POP

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