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Girls’ Generation has been around for ten years.  That’s a lot of videos to track down, and I’m not even sure some of them are available or good quality!  Since these profiles are geared towards newer fans, I’ve decided to just include their appearances since 2015.  They did a lot of variety shows while promoting “Party” and “Lion Heart,” and I think it’s a good place to start getting to know the group.  Many members have also been regular cast members of variety shows, and those are listed under their individual profiles.

None of these videos are mine; they belong to their respective networks or channels. The subs are also not mine.  They are either done by the network itself or a fan.

REALITY SHOWS – If you’re interested on searching for any of SNSD’s old reality shows, you can try to look up the following:

*Girls’ Generation Goes to School (MNET, 2007) – I think this is a pre-debut series.
*MTV Girls’ Generation (SBS MTV, 2007) – Each episode focuses on a different member.
*Factory Girl (MNET, 2008) – Inspired by The Devil Wears Prada, this show features the members interning at Elle Girl Korea.
*Girls’ Generation’s Horror Movie Factory (MBC, 2009) – The members take acting lessons from well-known comedians and actors in a horror movie setting. (Yoona is not present, as she was filming Cinderella Man).
*Girls’ Generations Hello Baby (KBS, 2009) – This show features the members learning about child care and becoming “mothers” to a young baby with guests acting as fathers. It was the first season in a series that later featured their labelmate Shinee, T-ara, Sistar, MBLAQ, B1A4, and Boyfriend.
*Girls’ Generation Star Life 2 (KBS2, 2011) – Documents the members during promotions for “The Boys.”


2015: “Party” and “Lion Heart”

CURRENT ERA: “Holiday” and “All Night”

*Knowing Brothers (JTBC), Episodes 88 and 89 / A variety show with a fixed cast of comedians, known for having a classroom setting.  Guests arrive and play games and do missions with the fixed cast.

*Running Man (SBS), Episode 363 / A variety show with a fixed cast and guests who complete missions during themed episodes.  This episode had a school theme that had the 6 male members pair up with 6 female guests, with the three remaining guests on “Team Single.” Three of the women (SNSD + female cast members) were “bad girls, who were secretly sabotaging the game. The teams played games to try and determine who the “bad girls” were.  Seohyun did not appear as she was filming her drama.

*Happy Together (KBS) / A popular variety talk show where guests tell stories and play games with a fixed panel.  They appear for the first hour of the show (the second half is a segment with Wanna One.

*Interview with Entertainment Weekly (KBS) – Full episode is here

Video Sources: Youtube, Dailymotion, KSHOWONLINE, JTBC, KBS, SBS

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