SuperM Discography

Number of Promoted Singles: 4*
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 1
Number of Full Albums: 1

*This is counting pre-releases “100” and “Tiger Inside” – even though SuperM didn’t perform them on music shows, they still released plenty of videos and appeared on some Korean variety shows.


“Jopping” (October 4)
(1st mini album)


“100” (August 13)
1st pre-release single

“Tiger Inside” (September 1)
2nd pre-release single

“One (Monster + Infinity” (September 25)
Super One
(1st full album)

Other Singles and Collaborations

“Let’s Go Everywhere”
November 18, 2019
SuperM partnered with Korean Air and released this song to promote the airline. They are also currently in the airline safety video that plays during Korean Air flights.

NOTES: All videos and images belong to SM Entertainment and Capital Records with the exception of “Let’s Go Everywhere,” which was posted on Korean Air’s YouTube channel (대한항공 (Korean Air)).
Cover image is a teaser photo for Super One and belongs to SM Entertainment.

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