TWICE Member Profile: Tzuyu (쯔위)

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Page 1: Basic Information
Page 2: Activities (special stages, songwriting, variety show appearances)

Sources are listed on the last page.

NOTE: Most individual activities (music, acting, variety) are formatted so that the most recent activity is first and then continues backwards (EX: 2020 -> 2019 -> 2018 etc.). This is primarily so it will be easier for me to edit and keep updated, but I also hope that it’s more convenient for the readers! Songwriting discography will be shown in the regular chronological order.

Tzuyu in “Feel Special” (2019)

  • Real Name: Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜)
    • According to Wikipedia (and my very basic knowledge of Mandarin), this is the Wade-Giles Romanization version of her name. In Pinyin, it would be Zhōu Zǐyú.
    • Koreans often pronounce Chinese names slightly different when changing them to Hangul, so the members call her something that might sound like “Zoo-wi” or “Chewy.” (I personally think it sounds like JooE, the Momoland member.)
  • Birthday: June 14, 1999
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini (Western), Rabbit (Eastern)
  • From: Tainan, Taiwan
  • Position(s): Lead dancer, vocalist, visual, maknae
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