WayV Discography

Number of Promoted Singles (in China): 4
Number of Promoted Singles (in South Korea): 2
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 2
Number of Full Albums: 1
Number of Repackage Albums: 1

Note About Promotions: While WayV was initially focused on Chinese promotions, they started promoting in South Korea in 2020 (probably because of travel restrictions with COVID-19). Though most of their music is in Chinese, they occasionally release English versions.


“Regular (理所当然)” (January 17)

The Vision
(1st single album)
*Not promoted

“Moonwalk (天选之城)” (October 29)

Take Over the Moon
(2nd mini album)

“Take Off (无翼而飞)” (May 9)

Take Off
(1st mini album)
*Not promoted

“Love Talk” – English version (November 5)

Take Over the Moon – Sequel
(Take Over the Moon repackage)
NOTE: This album was actually released in March 2020 (no promotions), but I included it in the 2019 section because that’s when they released the “Love Talk” English music video.


“Turn Back Time (超时空 回)” (June 9)

Awaken the World
(1st full album)
Korean version here

“Nectar” (October 12)

Resonance Pt. 1
(1st album with all NCT subunits, including WayV)
This was the song that WayV contributed to the album, but it was not promoted on music shows.

“Bad Alive” – English version (July 29)

Follow up single from Awaken the World

Other Singles

“Dream Launch (梦想发射计划)”
(January 24, 2019)

Follow up single after “Regular” (non-promoted)

“Let Me Love You (爱不释手)”
(June 13, 2019)

Follow up single after “Take Off” (non-promoted)

NOTE: All album images and music videos belong to SM Entertainment and Label V.

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