Hello, and welcome to my blog! I got into K-Pop a couple years ago, when I was having a tough time in school. At first it was just a distraction: catchy music, fun videos, attractive people, etc.  Some days, that’s still what it’s all about. But it’s also been easy to connect it to things I’ve always been interested in, like learning new languages and dancing.  This blog is helping me connect it to another of my interests: entertainment writing.

Let’s be honest: a lot of K-pop is just fun stuff.  We consume massive amounts of videos, and we fangirl (or fanboy!) over our faves.  But there’s also a deeper side, where we can analyze music videos or have discussions about certain aspects of the industry.  This blog aims to be a bridge between those two: part intellectual so I can work on my craft, and part fangirl just because!

Another reason I started this project was to share my opinions and talk K-Pop with other interested people. I’m not the greatest at social media; I mostly use my Twitter for news and my Tumblr to reblog things about my bias of the moment (and occasional GIFing). But I do check both frequently, and I’m always here to talk shop!

Email: katherinedoeskpop@gmail.com
Twitter: @katdoeskpop
Tumblr: katherinedoeskpop.tumblr.com

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