Busted S2E4 Recap: Along With the Gods; The Return of the Genius Detective Team

In this episode: The Genius Detectives are back! Our team finds themselves in competition yet again over a prospective new member AND a new job.

Episode Guest Stars

(I apologize for the not-necessarily-flattering quality of these photos – I mostly work with GIFs, so it’s a little harder to screenshot good images than I thought. But the aim is really just to give names to faces here.)

The Genius Detectives

As the episode’s title states, the main guests for this episode are the members of the Genius Detective Team: Jung Jaehyung, Lee Jangwon, Shin Jaepyung, Lee Juck, and John Park. All of them are singer/songwriters and musicians. Jangwon and Jaepyung also went to KAIST, meaning they are incredibly smart. When we met this group in Season 1, they had Wendy of Red Velvet with them. However, she does not appear this time for unexplained reasons. It was pretty hard to get individual screenshots of all of them, so I went for a group picture instead… but they’re still not all visible. (Sorry Jangwon ^^”’) If you want to get a better look at them – or get a refresher on their last appearance – you can go to my recap for Season 1 Episode 6.

The Genius Detective Team (L-R): Lee Jangwon, John Park, Jung Jaehyung, Lee Juck, and Shin Jaepyung

Other Guest Stars

(K-pop idol/actress, member of EXID)

Kim Hwan
(news anchor)

Park Kyung
(K-pop idol/composer, member of Block B)

Kim Doryoung

Shin Ahyeong
(television personality)

Jung Jinyoung
(idol/composer/actor, former member of B1A4)

***Recurring Guest Star Appearances: Yoon Jonghoon, Stephanie Lee

An Important Note

I’ve tried my best to summarize everything in these recaps, but sometimes there are parts of an episode or the overall story that aren’t clear to me. I’m in Korea, so I have Korean Netflix – they have English subtitles for all the dialogue, but not necessarily all of the captions and titles they put in the show. I’m sure that sometimes I miss things, and sometimes I may arrive at the wrong conclusion. But I’ll make sure to highlight the parts where I’m confused or unsure about certain details.

***WARNING!*** THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE/SERIES AHEAD. These recaps are written summary style – I’m writing as if I’ve watched these episodes for the first time, but this is primarily aimed towards people who have seen the series before and want to refresh their memory or find answers to certain questions. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SERIES AND ARE PLANNING TO, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Episode Recap

The team is waiting for their next client when they’re approached by Hani, who’s interested in joining their team as Kwangsoo‘s replacement. (*Technically* this happened at the end of the last episode, but I didn’t mention it because I thought the show would replay it… which they didn’t LOL.) Of course, certain male members are falling all over themselves because she’s ridiculously beautiful. As an EXID fan, I was more excited to see her here because I know she’s a talented variety star and she’s super smart – but yes, I agree that she’s also stunningly gorgeous. Unfortunately, the team’s joy at having a potential new member is short lived, because the Genius Detective Team arrives on the scene. Of course, the bickering and insults start IMMEDIATELY.

The Genius Detective Team has also been contacted by this client, and they also want to hire Hani. It turns out that she actually applied to join both teams, because job hunting is super hard these days and one needs to have multiple options. She declares that she will join whichever team can solve a Rubik’s Cube first. John Park and Sehun volunteer to do it, but John solves it quickly while Sehun gets stuck. So, Hani ends up going to the Genius Detective Team. (I feel like she would have been put there somehow anyway, because they were missing a member and they didn’t have any women). On a more hilarious side note, Sehun’s competitive streak flares up and he spends the rest of the day watching YouTube tutorials and trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube every spare moment he gets.

Challenge accepted. (Also, love the EXO reference in the subtitles.)

Any more banter between the teams is cut short by the appearance of their client Kim Doryoung. He’s a shaman, and he explains that he had a teacher who was an expert fortune-teller. This man passed away a year ago; in his will, he gave Doryoung the winning set of lottery numbers for today’s Mega Lottery. But of course, the teacher couldn’t just give them to him directly. He made six special scrolls with cryptic clues and distributed them to Doryoung and five other people who have been dubbed the “gods” of various career fields. Doryoung has hired both teams to visit them and obtain access to all six scrolls. They have until night time to find and solve all the scroll puzzles, plus propose the lucky set of numbers to Doryoung. The winning will get 30% of the prize money.

Like the last recap I did featuring the Genius Detective Team, I’ve made a table of the subgroups everyone splits into – so I can avoid having to write a bunch of names all the time. (The “Dummy Detectives” nickname is from the show itself and not me, by the way!) Also, I’m going to leave the solutions to the scrolls at the end of the recap. I want to have them all in one place, plus I think it builds more *dramatic suspense.*

Team Jaesuk (Dummy Detectives)Jaesuk, Jongmin, Minyoung
Team Jaewook (Dummy Detectives)Jaewook, Sehun, Sejeong
Team Jangwon (Genius Detectives)Jangwon, Lee Juck, John Park
Team Jaehyung (Genius Detectives)Jaehyung, Jangwon, Hani

The God of Hosting

Location: A set for a TV show
Teams: Jaesuk vs. Jangwon

The “God of Hosting” is announcer Kim Hwan, who is currently MCing the brand new Curious Detective Show. He’s filming the pilot, and he offers to show the teams his scroll if they solve the case that the producers prepared. Jaesuk, Jongmin, and Minyoung are surprised to see some familiar faces on the set: Yoon Jonghoon and Stephanie Lee are panelists for the show. While they appear friendly and polite at first, it quickly becomes clear that they do NOT get along. Jonghoon offers Minyoung a flower, to which Stephanie tells him, “I see you haven’t changed.” Jonghoon cheerfully replies, “They say people only change before their death.” Stephanie makes a disdainful face in reaction and warns Minyoung to be careful. Later, Jonghoon “innocently” asks Stephanie on-air why she doesn’t use her real name “Lee Jeongah.” Clearly upset, she says she told him not to call her that. AWKWARD. But also, important to remember for the season’s ongoing story.

This is not a face you make when you like someone.

The hosts also bring up the Flower Killer when discussing how serial killers often have their own special style. Jonghoon sure seems to admire him, calling him “horrendous but remarkable.” He also says that “the Flower Killer has reached an aesthetic mastery.” Presumably, this is a reference to how the Flower Killer leaves a flower at the scene of the crime, and/or how he’s creative with his killings because there’s never any blood. Stephanie is taken aback that Jonghoon would admire a murderer, but he assures everyone that he’s just thinking from a criminologist’s standpoint. HMMM. (Oh, and he calls Stephanie “Jeongah” again.)

The case the teams must solve is a locked room murder that happened in the US in 2008. (I don’t actually know if it’s real or not.) The victim had an obsession with clocks, so there are clocks and clock-themed things all over the room. The method of killing isn’t important to this task; the answer they have to find is how the murderer escaped. The important clues to notice are a cuckoo clock that has a hidden razor, a roll of fishing line on the table, and a clock on wheels under the bed.

Here’s the full solution. The culprit set the clock on wheels to a certain time and put it under the door. Then, he took the fishing line and attached it to both the bolt of the door and the minute hand of another clock across the room – making sure it was near the cuckoo clock in between them. As the minute hand on the faraway clock rose, it slowly pulled the door’s bolt shut. When the hands reached 12 on the cuckoo clock, it opened and the razor cut the fishing line so it fell to the floor. When the alarm for the clock on wheels went off, it started moving and gathered up the fishing line while it was rolling around. (Though it seems like a gamble that it would both pick up all of the fishing line and go under the bed once it was done.) The Genius Detective Team comes up with this answer first, so they get a head start.

The cuckoo clock with the razor.

The clock on wheels.

The God of Games

Location: A bar
Teams: Jaewook vs. Jaehyung

The “God of Games” is poker dealer Shin Ahyeong. In order to see her scroll, the teams must play several rounds of Blind Man’s Bluff. It’s a one on one game, so the teams pick a different person to act as their representative for each match. Each team has one set of cards ranging from ace to 8. The representative picks a card at random and puts it on display, but the catch is that they cannot see their own card. The higher card will win, so they must bet chips based on what their opponent’s card is and by gauging their opponent’s reaction to their own. Below is a shot of the game that Sehun plays with Jaepyung. (Sehun is clubs and Jaepyung is hearts.) Since Sehun has an ace, Jaepyung can feel safe betting a high amount of chips because it’s almost certain he has a better card. But Sehun might have to be more cautious because Jaepyung’s four is in the middle of all the possible numbers.

Players can bet 1-3 chips per round, and there are up to three rounds per match. Once the cards are revealed, the person who owns the one with higher number takes all the chips that were bet for that match (unless someone folded, in which case the other team would automatically get everything). The team who has the most chips after three matches can see the scroll first. Sehun loses to Jaepyung, while Jaewook emerges victorious over Hani. (They actually both picked the eight card, but Hani folded.) Sejeong manages to beat Jaehyung in the last game. Team Jaewook has 52 chips to Team Jaehyung’s 48, so they get to see the scroll first.

The God of Math

Location: A university lecture hall
Teams: Jaesuk vs. Jaehyung

The “God of Math” is Park Kyung, who’s a college professor in this continuity. (He’s actually crazy smart and is a member of Mensa, so it’s kind of a shame that he wasn’t the kind of guest who gets to do missions like Hani or the other Genius Detectives.) To see his scroll, the team must assemble a puzzle. The puzzle board has a bunch of different problems, and the puzzle pieces have the answers; so they have to solve the problems to figure out where the pieces go.

My brain hurts just looking at this.

A lot of the problems are actual math equations, but some of them are riddles and wordplay. There’s my personal favorite: “Which number is 9 the most scared of?” The answer is 7, because 7 8 9 or “7 ate 9.” KAIST graduate Jaepyung is ridiculously good at math, so he solves most of the equations at a ridiculously fast pace. However, his team is not as good at the riddles and the wordplay. Jaesuk’s team arrived first, so they are able to maintain just enough of a lead that they can eventually just start completing the puzzle the normal way instead of solving everything. They get first look at Park Kyung’s scroll.

The God of Music

Location: A recording studio
Teams: Jaewook vs. Jangwon

The “God of Music” is Jung Jinyoung, a former member of B1A4 who was also well-known as an idol composer back when this was filmed. (Though in this reality, he appears to be just a regular composer.) He wants the teams to test out his latest idea of “health music.” Basically, all of the music instruments are attached to exercise equipment, so they have to perform and work out at the same time. Of course, this requires a certain amount of strength… and it turns out it’s very hard to benchpress while playing maracas or sing into a microphone while hanging from a high bar. (Although it is quite funny to watch.) Both teams fail several times, so they eventually decide to work together for Jaewook’s team can pass. Then Jangwon’s team has an impromptu jam session to get access to the scroll as well.

You can see how this could be difficult.

Side Note: Sehun finally solves his Rubik’s cube after this task, five hours after he started. I know I’m Sehun biased, but his enthusiasm upon finishing it is honestly so endearing.

The God of Mystery

Location: A university building
Teams: All

The “God of Mystery” isn’t an actual person, or at least a person whom the teams meet. Doryoung initially said he didn’t have any contact information, and he only sends the teams this location once they’ve seen the first four scrolls. When they arrive at the building, they see the scroll displayed on the wall. It says: “Find the secret of the red rooms and you will see.” The building directory has a bunch of different rooms colored in red instead of black. Both teams spend a lot of time running around to each of these rooms and trying to find out what they have in common. However, the real solution is to turn on the lights in all of the red rooms, then go outside and look at the building from afar. If the lights for just those rooms are on, you can clearly see the number 44.

The number 44 on the side of the building.

Jaehyung is the first person to realize this, so the Genius Detectives briefly pull ahead – but everyone arrives at Doryoung’s house at roughly the same time. He shows them his scroll so they can get the last number. Then, the teams write down the six numbers they found and deliver them to Doryoung. He asks his assistant to order tickets for two sets of numbers… meaning the teams did not give the exact same answer. Before I reveal the winner, let’s take a look at the six scrolls and the numbers they contain.

The Meanings of the Six Scrolls

Kim Hwan’s Scroll

My Korean is definitely not good enough to understand all of this, so I relied on the subtitles. The trick is to look for the phrase, “Only the reputation of Samjangbeopsa was remembered.” “Sam” is one of the ways to say the number 3 in Korean, and “sa” is a way to say the number 4. The number hidden in this scroll is 34.

The show doesn’t clearly explain the solution to the second scroll – at least for the non-Koreans watching – so I had to do some extra digging to figure it out. The images on the scroll are hwatu cards used for games. (Here’s a Wikipedia article about the Japanese hanafuda cards they originated from.) The phrase on the scroll says: “When a guest comes on a day cherry blossoms bloom, moonlight fades.” This is a reference to three specific cards: cherry blossoms, the man, and the moon. Hwatu cards also can represent different months of the year. Cherry blossoms are March (3), the man is December (12), and the moon is August (8). So based on the phrasing of the sentence, you have to add 3 and 12 then subtract 8. The number hidden in this scroll is 7.

Shin Ahyeong’s Scroll

Park Kyung’s Scroll

This is a code that has to do with numbers and English letters. You have to write out the name of each suit in English, and then find the letter the card’s number indicates. The fifth letter of “heart” is “T.” The fifth letter of “spade” is “E.” And the sixth letter of “diamond” is “N.” The number hidden in this scroll is 10. (I was SUPER impressed by this puzzle, because I’m a native English speaker and I don’t think I would have figured this out.)

If you look at this painting from a distance, you can see “NINE.” The number hidden in this scroll is 9.

Jung Jinyoung’s Scroll

The God of Mystery Scroll

I explained the solution to this above, but I’m just including it here for continuity. The number hidden in this scroll is 44.

The show actually doesn’t explain how to solve this puzzle; they just give us the solution. So I’m telling you now that my explanation is 100% me guessing based on what the answer is, and I have no idea if it’s right or not. I think that one upwards curve and one downwards curve cancel each other out, so you have to count how many of whatever curve is left. The number hidden in this scroll is 3.

Kim Doryoung’s Scroll

And the winner is…

God of Mystery ScrollGod of Games ScrollGod of Hosting ScrollGod of Music ScrollGod of Math ScrollKim Doryoung’s Scroll

The table above is the order that the numbers are called. It’s neck and neck as both teams celebrate getting every number right… up until the fifth one. Our team misinterpreted how to solve Park Kyung’s scroll and went with Jongmin’s incorrect guess. So the Genius Detective Team are the winners of this round, and the score is now 1:1. Unfortunately, the celebration doesn’t last long: the prize for the lottery was 5.5 billion won, but there were 19,831 first place winners. So in the end, the Genius Detective Team ends up with a reward of about 65,000 won for all that work. (That’s a little more than 50 USD.) As a consolation prize, Doryoung gives our team an energy reading… but worries them when he declares he smells death and blood. Apparently, someone close to them is a murderer. Uh oh.

Next episode: The team finally gains a new permanent member as they tackle a tragic murder case.

NOTE: All photos and GIFs are screenshots or screen captures from Busted! Season 2 Episode 4 on Netflix. Nothing belongs to me, and all images are used here for illustrative purposes only.

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