K-Pop Starter Kit: What’s In Store for June

Happy June, everyone! Because of some shifts in my schedule, my plans for the K-pop Starter Kit have changed just a bit from what I’ve said before. So, I just wanted to briefly talk about what I’m going to do this month before I start in earnest.

Back when I first announced this whole project, I planned to make a couple of different general K-pop posts as an introduction in May. But as you probably noticed, what was supposed to be one post about interesting aspects of K-pop turned out to be so long that I had to rework it and split it into three parts. So unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to publish the other posts I had been working on – BUT, I’ve decided to expand them into their own monthly topics instead!

For June, I’m going to be talking about the Korean language as it relates to K-pop: reading Hangul, different levels of formality and honorifics, common words and expressions you might hear if you watch a lot of K-pop content, specific terms related to K-pop, etc. Please note that I’m not going to be making official language lessons or anything like that, and I’m really going to stay at the beginner level. My goal is to provide a starting point for new fans who are interested in learning Korean, so I’m sticking with the basics. But if you have any questions or something that you want to know, feel free to leave it in the comments – I’ll try to incorporate it into my posts!

I’ll be back in a few days with the next installment in this series!

Katherine 🙂

NOTE: The featured image is a custom design I requested from my friend specifically for this blog and this column. Please do not alter it, repost it, or re-upload it without my permission. If you want to see the artist’s work, you can go to to her Instagram account here and/or her website here.

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