Knee Jerk Reaction: “Permission to Dance” by BTS

BTS sure knows how to strike while the iron is hot: “Butter” is still going strong with no signs of slowing down, but now they’ve added “Permission to Dance” to the mix. Their third English single is a happy tune specifically meant to spread hope and cheer in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, andContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Permission to Dance” by BTS”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Tear Drop” by SF9

Now that I’m officially on summer break, I can FINALLY start checking out July comebacks. (After promotions are already over… SIGH) First up is SF9, a group that’s quite near and dear to my heart these days. I’ve been following them since their debut, and I even went to a fan meeting they had inContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Tear Drop” by SF9″

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Make It” by 2PM

It’s been nearly five years, but 2PM has finally made their much-anticipated and long-awaited return as a full group. Plus this is the first time a group has been able to make a comeback with a member who changed agencies, which hopefully means it will be possible for others in the same situation. Though IContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Make It” by 2PM”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Hello Future” by NCT Dream

Given NCT Dream’s massive – and I mean MASSIVE – explosion of popularity in South Korea this spring, having a repackage makes total sense. Unfortunately for me, my habit of going all-in on a group’s comeback and then taking a break from them is not conducive to repackages. “Hot Sauce” took over most of myContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Hello Future” by NCT Dream”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Ready to Love” by SEVENTEEN

(Sorry about cropping most of Seungkwan out of the profile picture – this was the only comeback-related photo that somewhat fit my blog’s required dimensions ^^”’) I’ve always found myself in a bit of a strange place with SEVENTEEN. I like them a lot and I always check in on their comebacks, but I justContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Ready to Love” by SEVENTEEN”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Spin Off” by UP10TION

I tend to say a lot of K-pop groups are underrated, but UP10TION is most definitely one that gets slept on. I got into K-pop not long after their debut, and I remember there was definitely some buzz about them at the time (at least in the international fan community). They had so much promiseContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Spin Off” by UP10TION”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Bye Bye Bye” by WEi

I really don’t know much about WEi except that all of the members have been on survival shows like Produce 101, Under 19, and YG Treasure Box. Most of have been in project groups related to those shows as well, and/or they’ve been able to do some solo work. (Fun fact: I always forget KimContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Bye Bye Bye” by WEi”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Lock Down” by EPEX

C9 Entertainment has debuted another boy group! EPEX, a name which seems to be a blend of the words “eight” and “apex,” has arrived on the scene with their powerful first song “Lock Down.” (Though according to the Hangul, it’s pronounced “ee-pex” rather than “apex.”) I must say that I’m slightly questioning C9 Entertainment’s choiceContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Lock Down” by EPEX”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Don’t Fight the Feeling” by EXO

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love EXO. They weren’t the ones who got me into K-pop, but they were the second group I discovered and they quickly became one of my favorites. They’ve consistently remained in my Top 5 groups throughout the years, and seeing themContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Don’t Fight the Feeling” by EXO”

Knee Jerk Reaction: “Gambler” by Monsta X

Monsta X was one of the very first K-pop groups I discovered and started following, so they’re truly near and dear to my heart. One of the great things about being a long-time K-pop fan is seeing how your favorite groups evolve over the years, and I’ve really loved watching Monsta X’s musical journey inContinue reading “Knee Jerk Reaction: “Gambler” by Monsta X”