Katherine’s K-Pop Recap: September 27 – October 3, 2021

A summary of the news, current and upcoming comebacks, charts and music show wins, and more!

Favorites of 2021: August

I was so determined to publish this post towards the beginning of the month (instead of two weeks later like I’ve been doing lately), so I actually had like 90% of it prepared by September 1st. But of course, I still ended up having to wait because I needed to catch up on my reactionContinue reading “Favorites of 2021: August”

Favorites of 2021: July

(We’re basically halfway into August, but whatever LOL) July was kind of a slow month for K-pop – I was actually surprised at how few comebacks there were, but I guess no one wanted to overlap with the Olympics. Since there wasn’t a lot happening, I ended up changing my music listening habits. I spentContinue reading “Favorites of 2021: July”

K-Pop Starter Kit: A Crash Course in Korean Honorific Titles

Along with speech levels, titles are an essential part of Korean that beginners need to know. This is another potentially new concept for native English speakers, since we usually reserve titles and honorifics for formal settings and occasions. We mostly use them with people whom we don’t personally know well; we don’t need to doContinue reading “K-Pop Starter Kit: A Crash Course in Korean Honorific Titles”

K-Pop Starter Kit: Reading Hangul With K-Pop Group Names

Once you’re familiar with the basics of Hangul, you’ll start to notice a fair amount of Korean words are actually taken from English. It’s the same in K-pop, where many groups’ names have English origins. So since we’re moving from learning letters to making words, this post will show you how to read Hangul byContinue reading “K-Pop Starter Kit: Reading Hangul With K-Pop Group Names”

Mid-Year Check-In: My Favorite K-pop Releases of 2021 (So Far)

I genuinely can’t believe we’re already well into July!!! Seriously, where has the time gone??? Since we’re officially over midway through 2021, it’s time for me to make another “halfway point” post about the K-pop releases that I’ve spent the most time and energy on from January to June. I tried this out last year,Continue reading “Mid-Year Check-In: My Favorite K-pop Releases of 2021 (So Far)”