Monsta X Reality Shows Guide

(Updated November 2020)

Monsta X was formed on a reality show, and they’ve been heavily involved in them ever since. They’ve done online segments or full variety type shows at least once a year since their debut. I must confess I haven’t watched all of their stuff, but I’ve compiled it here for easy viewing.


Page 1: NO.MERCY and Deokspatch (2014-2015)
Page 2: Deokspatch X and Deokspatch X2 (2015)
Page 3: Monsta X Right Now! (2016)
Page 4: Monsta X Ray (2017-2018)
Page 5: Monsta X’s Puppy Day (2019)
Page 6: Monsta X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day (2020)
Page 7: Monsta X’s Glamping and Monsta X’s Newtroland (2020)
Page 8: Monsta X DIngo School and Korean Heritage Travelog with Monsta X (2020)

Monsta X also had a reality show through the app seezn in 2020, but I cannot embed it here because I do not have the seezn app. It is also available on V-Live, but I think you need to pay to watch it. (It’s also apparently not available on the Korean version of V-Live, which is what I currently have.)


10 episodes

NO.MERCY was a survival show produced by MNET and Starship Entertainment that formed Monsta X from the company’s trainees. For people who are new to K-pop, I just want give a heads up that survival shows can be hard to watch, especially retroactively (like if you just discovered Monsta X and are curious about their origins). Since this show was several years ago, the eventual members were in a very different space and mindset during its airing. They were struggling in a lot of ways, which can be difficult to watch. Judges and trainers often favor the “tough love” method, which is being brutally honest with the trainees so they will be able to face any challenge after debut. This can come off as extremely harsh and maybe even rude to some people.

For NO.MERCY in particular, I want to give a small warning/spoiler. (Even though most people here might already know Monsta X and who’s in it, I’ll try and be vague.) One of the Monsta X members actually came in midway through the competition, and that was NOT well-received by the trainees. I’ve only watched NO.MERCY once (one time was enough), but from what I can remember, they were quite cold to him for a bit. Thankfully, they got over it and the group is quite close five years later!

Episode 1

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 7

Episode 9

Episode 2

Episode 4

Episode 6

Episode 8

Episode 10


4 seasons
(1 during NO.MERCY, 3 as Monsta X)
When Monsta X was being formed on NO.MERCY, they also had an online variety series named Deokspatch. (I think it’s a spoof of Dispatch, which is a Korean news outlet especially focused on celebrities and idols.) Since NO.MERCY was a survival show and had a more serious atmosphere, Deokspatch was intended to show the more light hearted and fun side of the contestants.  Once Monsta X debuted, they continued the segment for a couple of seasons.

Episode 1 “Foodie King”

Episode 3 “Soon to be Star! Morning Call”

Episode 5 “Dashing Through the Snow!”

Episode 7 “Sing it Off”

Episode 9 “Free Time”

Episode 2 “Trainees’ Three Games”

Episode 4 “Must Have! Boyfriend Pics”

Episode 6 “Image Talks!”

Episode 8 “DO to the RM”

Episode 10 “Stars Feed on Attention”

NEXT PAGE: DeokspatchX and DeokspatchX2

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