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DeokspatchX aired during Monsta X’s debut promotions for “Trespass.” As a newly debuted group, the members talked about which variety shows they wanted to appear on. Then, each episode was based on one of South Korea’s most famous variety shows (at the time).

Ep. 1 “Embarrassing Challenge” (based on Infinite Challenge)
I never watched Infinite Challenge regularly so I don’t know what they were imitating, but they split into teams and competed to see who could dry clothes faster (idk hahaha)
Ep 2. “Running Goo” (based on Running Man)
This featured Running Man‘s famous “name tag hide and seek” segment where the members try and pull off name tags stuck to each others’ backs.
Ep. 3 “No Night One Day” (based on 1 Day 2 Nights)
1 Day 2 Nights is originally a show where a cast travels together to different parts of South Korea. Though the members did not do this, they did the part where the teams complete missions in order to earn prizes like food. (And they had a “sleepover”)
Ep. 4 “Hip Hop Together” (based on Happy Together)
This episode features the “tray karaoke” segment that Happy Together used to have. The members are each given a line of a song to sing. If they don’t sing it or remember it correctly, then they get hit on the head by a metal tray.
Ep. 5 “Real Men” (based on Real Man)
Since Real Man is originally about male celebrities simulating life in the military, this episode is the least like its inspiration. Instead, the members take turns testing if they’re “real men” by going through a haunted house.
Ep 6. “Don’t Take Care of My Refrigerator” (based on Please Take Care of My Refrigerator)
Please Take Care of My Refrigerator is a cooking show, so the members have a cooking contest.
Ep. 7 “Idol Beef World Championship”
I think this is based on ISAC, the athletic competitions idols they do twice a year for Chuseok and Seollal. They complete various “athletic” missions to try and win the prize: Korean beef.

Ep. 1

Ep. 3

Ep. 5

Ep. 7

Ep 2.

Ep. 4

Ep 6.


DeokspatchX aired during Monsta X’s debut promotions for “Rush.” It had a school theme where they pretended to be high schoolers again.

Ep. 1 “Night Assembly”
Ep 2. “PE Class”
Ep. 3 “Class Meeting”
Ep. 4 “Korean Class”
Ep. 5 “Science Class”
Ep 6. “Break Time (Vote for Mr. Popular)”
Ep. 7 “Dinner Time”
Ep. 8 “CA Special Activity”

Episode 1

Episode 3

Episode 5

Episode 7

Episode 2

Episode 4

Episode 6

Episode 8

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