NCT 127 Member Profile

(Updated January 2021)

NOTE: Unlike my other group profiles, this is a simpler page that gives basic information on the members. Since NCT is such a large group and there’s a decent amount of crossover between units, I’ve divided individual activities into various pages rather than listing them under each member. If you want to check those out, you can click the links I’ve listed afterIndividual Activitiesfor each member!
Also, I’m going to take out WinWin for now because he hasn’t promoted with NCT 127 since 2018. For all intents and purposes, it looks like he’s with WayV for the time being. If he ever rejoins NCT 127, I’ll put him back!



Page 1: Taeyong (see below)
Page 2: Taeil
Page 3: Johnny
Page 4: Yuta
Page 5: Doyoung
Page 6: Jaehyun
Page 7: Jungwoo
Page 8: Mark
Page 9: Haechan


Real Name: Lee Taeyong (이태용)
Birthday: July 1, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Cancer (Western) / Boar (Eastern)
From: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: Korean
Position(s): Leader, main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, visual
Other Units: Taeyong is also a member of SuperM. To look at his activities with them, you can check out the SuperM profile here.
Promoted NCT U Songs: “The 7th Sense” (2016), “BOSS” (2018), “Baby Don’t Stop” (2018), “Make a Wish” (2020)

Individual Activities: SM Station, OSTs, Collaborations, Songwriting, Special Stages, Dance Videos, Variety Shows

Taeyong in “Kick It” (2020)

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