NCT 127 Member Profile

MARK (마크)

Real Name: Mark Lee, Lee Minhyung (이민형)
Birthday: August 2, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo (Western) / Rabbit (Eastern)
From: Vancouver, Canada
Nationality: Korean-Canadian
Position(s): Main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, face of the group
Other Units: NCT Dream (2016-2018; rejoined during NCT 2020 project)
Mark is also part of SuperM. To look at his activities with them, you can check out the SuperM profile here.
Promoted NCT U Songs: “The 7th Sense” (2016), “BOSS” (2018), “90’s Love” (2020)

Individual Activities: SM Station, OSTs, Song Covers and Original Music (with Johnny and Haechan), Songwriting, Special Stages, Dance Videos, Variety Shows, Music Show Hosting

Mark in “Superhuman” (2019)

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