NCT Individual Activities: Variety Shows


The official clips on YouTube are unsubbed, so this is a clip uploaded by a fan.

Idol Party
TV Chosun
He appeared on a segment of the show where he and CLC’s Sorn formed a “family” with comedians Park Mi Sun and Lee Bong Won and learned about family life in South Korea (as both he is from Japan and Sorn is from Thailand).

Abnormal Summit
2015 (pre-debut)
Episodes 53-78
A talk show where foreigners living in Korea discuss Korean culture and current topics. Yuta was the panelist who represented Japan. I embedded the first episode where he appeared below, but I think a good deal of episodes can be found by searching the JTBC Voyage channel.

Part 1

Part 3

Part 5

Part 2

Part 4


Law of the Jungle
(정글의 법칙)
Episodes 388-392 
Season: Sunda Islands (Malaysia)
A show similar to the American reality show Survivor, but without an elimination system. Celebrities (idols, actors, comedians) go to remote and secluded areas of the world, learning to survive in the wilderness through tasks like hunting for food and making shelters. 

It’s hard to find subbed clips on (Korean YouTube), but this one is of Doyoung talking with JooE (from Momoland) and then encountering. a dangerous snake.

You can see his behind the scenes preparation on NCT’s Channel here.

King of Masked Singer
(미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕)
Episodes 209-210
A singing competition show similar to The Voice (in that you don’t initially know who’s performing). Contestants perform head to head in three elimination rounds, but their identities are hidden by elaborate masks and costumes. Thus, the panelists may only judge the winner based on his or her voice.

Amazing Saturday
Also known as DoReMi Market
(놀라운 토요일)
Episode 38
Appeared with Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation
A variety show with a fixed cast of several well known variety stars and idols and then two guest stars for every episode.  Each week features one market in South Korea.  The cast members and guests must play games to win the chance to eat one of that market’s three representative foods.

We Got Married
(우리 결혼했어요)
Season 4 (guest)
A variety show that pairs celebrities together and has them pretend to be a married couple. Doyoung’s brother Gong Myung (an actor) was a cast member with actress Jung Hyesung, and he visited them in one episode.

Lipstick Prince
(립스틱 프린스)
Season 1
A variety show where male idols and actors learn to do makeup and test their skills on female celebrity guests. The cast included Tony An (H.O.T), Heechul (Super Junior), U-Kwon (Block B), P.O. (Block B), Eunkwang (BTOB), Shownu (Monsta X), and Rowoon (SF9).

The guest stars on this episode are from Cosmic Girls.


Elementary School Teacher
Lunar New Year Special
Foreign idols practiced and improved their Korean with Korean children (other cast members included Henry Lau, Amber Liu, and TWICE’s Momo).

Hit the Stage
A dance variety show where idol dancers team up with professional dancers and create themed choreographies. Ten was one of the most frequently competing idols, appearing in most of the ten episodes and winning once. It’s hard to find the actual episodes online, but all of his performances are on YouTube.

Episodes 1-2 (4th place)
Episode Theme: “Devils”

Episodes 5-6 (1st place)
Episode Theme: “Uniform”

Episode 10
Episode Theme: “Final”

Episodes 3-4 (8th place)
Episode Theme: “This Love”

Episode 9 (3rd place)
Episode Theme: “The Fight”

TEN X YANGYANG’s Enjoy the Challenge

This is a series where Ten and YangYang try out different activities (usually involving creating stuff). They generally speak in English, unless they have a guest.

TEN X YANGYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge! Ep.1

Ten and YangYang draw wallpapers for a phone, but they draw random papers to decide what and how they’ll draw.

TEN X YANGYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge! Ep.3

Ten and YangYang take a cooking challenge against Kun. Each one makes a different dish from a certain country, but the recipe is in that country’s native language.

TEN X YANGYANG’s Enjoy The Challenge! Ep.2

Ten and YangYang look at different teaser videos for “Turn Back Time” and dub them with their own effects.

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