NCT Individual Activities: Variety Shows


‘IDEA’ Dance Tutorial with 탬또롤
SHINee’s YouTube Channel
Taemin (NCT’s label mate) teaches the choreography for his new song “IDEA” to Haechan. (Ten appears too, but he only is there for a couple of minutes.)


While the episodes are uploaded on Channel A’s YouTube page, they’re not subbed. So, I’ve embedded a fan sub version of Jaemin cuts.

Shall We Play Together? GG!
Channel A
Celebrities who enjoy games and gaming form a team to compete against students at different high schools.

My English Puberty: 100 Hours
(나의 영어사춘기 100시간)
A variety show where celebrities study and try to improve their English skills.
The clip isn’t subbed (per usual), but I think it’ll be okay because it’s a speed quiz.


One Night Sleepover Trip
(하룻밤만 재워줘)
Episode 14
A travel reality show where comedians Lee Sangmin and Kim Jongmin travel around the world and look for a place to stay for one night.  In this episode, they stayed with Chenle and his family in Shanghai, China.


Chenle and Jisung’s This and That
(천지의 이것저것)
2 seasons
Chenle and Jisung have a vlog style variety show on NCT’s YouTube channel together. It often involves them making things (like in the latest episodes when they made necklaces for the NCT members), but sometimes it’s other topics. There are a lot of episodes, so I just embedded the playlist.


I’m pretty sure this is his audition performance.

Dancing High
A dance variety show featuring teenagers who are passionate about dance.  They are divided into groups under coaches Lia Kim, Just Jerk, Gikwang (Highlight), Hoya (formerly of INFINITE), and Seunghoon (WINNER) to participate in dance battles.

Why Not? The Dancer
A variety show where boy group main dancers Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Taemin (SHINee), and Gikwang (Highlight) traveled to LA to take classes with American choreographers and choreograph their own dances.  I haven’t actually watched this show, but I know that Jisung joined them for a couple of episodes.

This is a playlist of some of Jisung’s moments on the show.

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