New Year, New Plans

Happy 2019, everybody! I hope you all finished 2018 on a high note! It was a good year for K-pop, and we had a lot of great music and memorable moments.

This past year brought me some unexpected lifestyle changes; namely, a sudden move back to the United States from France and starting a career in a new field. Plus a bunch of other personal stuff. It’s okay because that’s life, and life throws you curveballs sometimes. However, my biggest regret is that I couldn’t keep posting new content for you all. Working on this blog really got me through some hard times back when I started out. Though I’m grateful my situation has improved for the better, I’m still sad that I had to step away for a bit to get things in order.

That being said, I have noticed that my stats have been steadily improving ever since I returned from hiatus. So although I’ve said it several times before, I want to thank you all for still coming here and reading through my pages. I imagine the majority of you are checking out all the links and videos in my group profiles, and I really appreciate that you’re using my site as a resource. I’m glad it’s been helpful to you, and I’m working on getting everything updated and even easier to navigate.

As I mentioned in my last “personal” post, I took the past couple of months to start cleaning up those profiles and prepare my Top 50 of 2018 series. I’m still in the middle of doing both, but I expect to wrap up shortly. I also used the time to think about posts that I used to make, like reviews and recaps, and how I could restructure them so that I could post more frequently.

I can’t promise that it will be like 2017, when my visa actually prohibited me from having a job and I had all the time and energy in the world to pour into this project. I will be working, and I will mostly likely change jobs to one with more responsibilities in the near future. But I will keep this blog running, and I will do my best to handle change as it comes. I look forward to seeing what the New Year brings!

Love always, Katherine

*NOTE: IZ*ONE’s picture in the header belongs to Off the Record Entertainment.

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