An Irene Fan’s Thoughts on Recent Events

The K-pop world saw its latest media storm several days ago when an editor/stylist posted on Instagram about a recent bad experience with a celebrity. People quickly figured out it was Red Velvet’s Irene, who made both an online and in-person apology along with her agency SM Entertainment. Since then, the industry appears to beContinue reading “An Irene Fan’s Thoughts on Recent Events”

Katherine Does K-Pop: Version 2.0

Hello, all! It’s been a long time since I’ve been actively posting on here, right? I was just thinking about how I started this blog back all the way in 2017. (Not actually that long ago, but it sure feels like it.) I was living in Europe but was kind of stuck due to visaContinue reading “Katherine Does K-Pop: Version 2.0”

November Updates: NCT Profile+ End of the Year Plans

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I realize that many people who read this blog aren’t actually from the United States, but I think that taking a moment to be grateful is something we can all relate to.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year both personally and professionally, but here on this blog I’mContinue reading “November Updates: NCT Profile+ End of the Year Plans”

That Time I Met Super Junior’s Donghae

Happy Super Junior comeback day, everybody!  “One More Time (Otra Vez)” has been on repeat all day in this household, to absolutely no one’s surprise. The timing of this post is actually a happy coincidence, but I’m just going to pretend like I’m super organized and planned this all along. Procrastination for the win SoContinue reading “That Time I Met Super Junior’s Donghae”