Plans for 2022

Happy New Year, everyone!!! (A few days late, but what else is new ^^”’) This past weekend was officially the start of my winter break, so I spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day curled up under my blankets watching K-pop events like the MBC Gayo and the big SM concert. Very low-key, but very much needed after a whirlwind end to the semester. I hope you all had a great New Year’s too!

First off, I wanted to thank all of my readers for their continued support over the past year. I’m really not in this for the views and numbers, but site traffic has increased a lot since I started actively writing again and I’m thrilled to see so many people looking at my posts. This blog is my baby and it’s definitely a labor of love, and I’m glad all that work and time is paying off. So to my dear readers, thank you again for being patient and staying with me through all of my mini-hiatuses and constant changes in plans. I’m incredibly grateful that you keep coming back.

As for this blog’s future in 2022… it’s hard for me to say right now. I’ll most definitely keep posting, but how much and how often remains to be seen. As much as I love doing this, I ended up going on semi-hiatus a few months ago because I basically burned out – between working at two schools and writing whenever I could, I barely had time for everything else. I’m currently looking for a new job, so life hopefully won’t be as hectic soon. But that being said, I genuinely have no idea what life will look like a couple months now. I’m an ambitious woman at heart and I always have tons of ideas, but it looks like I’ll have to scale things back and shelve some of my plans for the time being.

Here’s what I CAN promise: I’ll definitely be using January to get back on track. Like I said, I’ve got a whole lot of life admin stuff going on – like job searching and moving – but I’ll take some time to finish posting about some 2021 K-pop releases that really stood out to me. (Though I’ll sadly have to skip a lot of things I wanted to write about, since I just don’t have the time.) I also have my regular year-end posts waiting in the wings, but they’ll come out later because I want to go in chronological order. Hopefully, I can push all these out quickly and get to January content without falling too behind.

One of my goals this year is to have a better work-life balance, and that applies to this blog as well. So going forward, I’m cutting down on how many groups and how many comebacks/debuts I react to. This was a really hard decision for me, because I truly like posting about a variety of different groups. But there are times when I have lots of things to say, and there are times when I literally just sit staring at the screen for hours on end – and I can’t really afford to do the latter anymore. I’ll still do my best to keep the blog’s coverage as diverse as possible, since that’s something really important to me. However, I’ll have to stick to the comebacks (or debuts) that I know I can write quickly.

So basically, I’ll mostly be doing reactions and news summaries on the blog in 2022 – at least for now. Once I’ve got a new job and figured out my availability, I’ll see if I can occasionally add in more time-consuming things like show recaps or my K-pop Starter Kit column. I also plan on doing some major profile reformatting like always, but I don’t have a set schedule for that. Though there won’t be as many posts as before, I’m hoping that means I can produce content more consistently throughout the year instead of getting tired and taking unforeseen breaks.

As always, thanks for coming to my blog and reading what I have to say. Here’s to a great 2022!


(Featured image was made by me using Canva.)

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