K-Pop Starter Kit: June’s Topic is Now July’s Topic

Hi all! It’s the end of June (technically already July here in South Korea), and you’ve probably noticed that I didn’t make any K-pop Starter Kit posts this month. Though I started out my last update optimistic and enthusiastic about writing new content, my life seems to love getting in the way whenever I decideContinue reading “K-Pop Starter Kit: June’s Topic is Now July’s Topic”


It took me a *little* longer than I planned, but I finally finished! The BLACKPINK profile has officially been reformatted with the new look. I know that my BLACKPINK pages get the most activityon this blog (especially that Music Show Wins page), so I wanted to do my due diligence and make sure it hadContinue reading “*UPDATED* BLACKPINK Profile!”


I’ve been dragging my feet about revising my EXO profile because there’s so much work involved… so many updates for them as a group AND as individual members. Initially, I was planning to quietly work on it piece by piece or just wait until they made another full group or subunit comeback. But choosing toContinue reading “UPDATED EXO Profile!”


Surprise! I’ve actually been planning this profile for a while, but I didn’t announce it in case I didn’t have the time to see it through. But since I finished the WayV profile fairly quickly, I decided to just go for it. I’ve been a fan of (G)I-DLE ever since they debuted, and I’m reallyContinue reading “*NEW* (G)I-DLE PROFILE!”


I’ve been promising this for like two months, and I finally came through: the WayV profile is OFFICIALLY up and running!! I’m back at work, but I don’t actually have anything to do because my students are still on vacation… so I took full advantage of those 8 hours of deskwarming and pushed to makeContinue reading “*NEW* WayV PROFILE!”