K-Pop Starter Kit: August’s Topic is Now September’s Topic

Hi all! As you can probably guess, I’ve chosen to delay my monthly posts for August’s K-pop Starter Kit and roll them over to September. Though I spent pretty much all of my summer vacation writing and prepping posts for my blog – this series included – there just wasn’t enough time to get to everything I wanted to do. (I have SO MANY drafts right now, but most of them aren’t ready to publish.) I’ve been going back and forth about postponing for a few days now because I really didn’t want to do it, but it just seems like the better option at this point. So, I just wanted to give you a quick update and tell you where I’m at.

There a bunch of reasons why I decided to delay, but here are the main ones:

1. I need to catch up with the rest of August’s comebacks before I return to work. August has been a BIG month for K-pop releases, and I’ve been struggling to keep up with them all. At this rate, I might even have to make a round-up post in order to get to everyone I want to. It also doesn’t look like the steady stream of comebacks will let up in September, and I’ll be back at work with much less free time by then. So getting up to date on my reaction posts – and staying there – has to be my highest priority right now.

2. I’ve completed first drafts of my planned column posts, but I feel they need some editing. I know list articles tend to be on the longer side by nature, but I personally feel like the ones I’ve written are TOO long. (And this is coming from someone who tends to write long posts anyway.) The whole point of this monthly topic is to introduce K-pop groups to new fans, so I want to be as informative and helpful as possible… but I also don’t want to go overboard. More importantly, some of the stuff I’ve written might overlap with other monthly topics I have planned for the future – K-pop history, the different generations, agencies, etc. So, I think I need to take some extra time to really sort through everything and fine-tune it.

3. The timing has unexpectedly become a little awkward. A lot of stuff has happened in K-pop news this month, and a couple major stories are related to idols leaving or going on hiatus from some well known groups. (Not going to mention anyone specific, but I think you all probably know anyway.) And as these groups are quite popular, they’re included in my upcoming list articles. To be clear, these developments haven’t affected the contents of my posts – I prefer to keep my blog neutral and focused on the entertainment aspect K-pop, and I try to make that really clear. I don’t have any intention of taking anyone off my lists. But these are understandably very sensitive situations, and I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed reactions from fans on social media. So I do feel a little awkward posting at a time when emotions are running high, and I just feel it’s better to wait a bit until everything isn’t so fresh and in the moment.

As always, thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I’m going to use these final days of August to make a solid game plan, and I’ll hopefully be back on track soon!


NOTE: The featured image is a custom design I requested from my friend specifically for this blog and this column. Please do not alter it, repost it, or re-upload it without my permission. If you want to see the artist’s work, you can go to to her Instagram account here and/or her website here.

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