A New Look For the Blog

I can’t believe it’s been about a year since I came back from hiatus and basically started rebuilding this blog from scratch. Nothing really happened in my personal life over the past year, but this website has changed so much in that span of time. I reformatted everything, I got most of my group profiles up to date, and I was able to start posting a bunch of original content as well! So since the blog has entered a new era, I thought it deserved to have an updated look to match.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend Shaina creates all the custom-designed images for my blog – including my new banners. She’s such an amazing and talented artist, and she always does a wonderful job with everything. She gives me all I imagined and more on every commission, and I’m so grateful she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to do this project. If you want to check out her work, you can see her Instagram here and her website here.

So, I have two new banners! You can see them in the featured image above. The one on the left is now the new image for my home page, which I also updated to include photo links to some of my other pages. And I made a master page for all of the Knee Jerk Reactions and Reviews that I’ve done so far in 2021, plus one for my K-pop Starter Kit. I’ll be adding to both over the course of the year. The banner on the right is actually for my social media pages like Twitter (which is why it’s slightly more personalized to my tastes), but I like it so much that I wanted to show it to you here! I’m planning to put it as the featured image for a future page on this blog, but I haven’t decided which one yet.

For now, I’m going to keep focusing on making original content for the blog – so I’ll continue with the Knee Jerk Reactions and News Recaps plus the K-Pop Starter Kit. I also want to return to my Road to Kingdom recaps so I can FINALLY watch Kingdom (and recap it as well), but that’s a bit of a lower priority… so those will inevitably come out at a slower rate. And as you might have noticed, I’ve kind of stopped updating group profiles for now. That’s partially because I’m concentrating more on posting, but it’s also because I got really tired of working on them after doing just that for over half a year ^^”’ But I know that a lot of the groups I cover either just had comebacks or will have them soon, so I’ll return to that in the near future!

Katherine 🙂

NOTE: These banners are custom design images that I specifically commissioned for this blog. Please do not copy, alter, repost, or re-upload them without permission.

2 thoughts on “A New Look For the Blog

  1. They look so awesome up here on the blog! Big congratulations on how much the blog has grown and changed over the past year – you’ve put so much work in! Very proud of you!

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