K-Pop Starter Kit: Some Column and General Blog Updates

Happy Halloween, everyone! Long time no talk! I’m sure some of you have noticed I’ve only done news recaps for about a month or so, and that a lot of posts that I said I was working on have been massively delayed. A lot of this is because the latest series for my K-pop Starter Kit took much longer than I expected. (When will I ever learn) The list articles that I initially planned used up a lot of time with all the research, formatting, and editing – you’ll see why when the first one goes up tomorrow. So since I’ve been focusing on those posts, it’s kind of created a chain reaction where I’ve gotten behind on everything else.

In a more general sense, I also went on a short semi-hiatus from writing because I’ve been super tired recently. As some of you might know, my work schedule this year has drastically changed the amount of free time and energy I have. At some point, I realized that I was just completely exhausted and burnt out. My entire life was working, blogging, and sleeping – sometimes not even sleeping all that much. I really love my blog, but it was just starting to feel more like a second job (that I’m not getting paid for) rather than a hobby or something I do for fun. So I decided to take an impromptu break, and now I feel more settled and in a better headspace to start posting again.

That being said, I do feel I have to be more realistic about the amount of posts I can put out for the rest of this year. There are a decent amount of September and October comebacks I want to write about, and some other things I need to catch up on. I also have to start preparing my end-of-year posts, which often take weeks of planning. So going forward, I definitely won’t be able to write as many reaction posts as I was trying to before. I’ll still do my best to cover a wide range of groups and artists – and not just my favorites or the big names – but I can no longer include every release I check out. As for the K-pop Starter Kit, it’s become obvious to me that I can’t sustain it as a monthly project anymore. (At least, not with my current work schedule.) I’ll finish the posts I prepared, and then I’m going to put it on the back burner for now.

As always, thank you so much for being patient. I think the next few months are going to be on the slower side, but I think that my work situation will change in 2022 – hopefully for the better in terms of free time. Thanks for sticking with me, and see you on my next post!


NOTE: The featured image is a custom design I requested from my friend specifically for this blog and this column. Please do not alter it, repost it, or re-upload it without my permission. If you want to see the artist’s work, you can go to to her Instagram account here and/or her website here. The other images in this post are ones I made myself, so please don’t reuse or repost them without my permission either.

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