K-Pop Starter Kit: June’s Topic is Now July’s Topic

Hi all! It’s the end of June (technically already July here in South Korea), and you’ve probably noticed that I didn’t make any K-pop Starter Kit posts this month. Though I started out my last update optimistic and enthusiastic about writing new content, my life seems to love getting in the way whenever I decide to make a personal goal or commitment for this blog ^^”’ So I thought I’d just briefly explain what’s up and how my plans have changed.

There are a lot of reasons why I didn’t end up posting anything for this column in June, but it mostly boils down to two major ones. The first is because I was a lot busier this month than I expected: I got slammed with a bunch of extra tasks at work as the first semester of school comes to an end, and my weekends (aka my pockets of free time) were a little more action-packed than normal. On top of that, June saw a massive wave of K-pop comebacks – meaning that I had a ton of reaction posts to make. Since those are my priority, I ultimately chose to let the K-pop Starter Kit take a backseat for a while and then that came back to bite me.

The other reason is because writing these posts simply took much longer than I planned. I said in my June announcement that I was really going to stick to the basics of the Korean language, and that still holds true. But as I put myself back in a beginning learner’s shoes, I realized that even a basic introduction is a lot of ground to cover. Especially for my target audience of English speakers, because there are many differences between English and Korean. I just kept coming up with all these ideas on what to talk about and all these points I wanted to make, and I also ended up spending hours making visual aids and researching videos for further resources and information. So basically, I needed a lot more time than I anticipated to make these posts… during a month when I had even less free time than I usually do.

As of now, I’ve made about 75% of the content that I planned for June. So these past few days, I was actually contemplating whether I should just take this week to finish everything and then move onto a new topic – aka just be a day or two late instead of doing a total reset. However, I’ve ultimately decided against that because I want to make sure these posts are the best quality they can possibly be. I don’t want to push everything all out just to meet a deadline that I made for myself and can easily change. Plus I’d much rather rearrange my plans and take my time than release posts that have been a bit rushed. It was a hard choice because I’m a super perfectionist and I REALLY hate not following through on things, but I do think this will produce better results in the long run.

If you were waiting for my posts this month, I sincerely apologize for not being able to deliver on my original commitment. But this time around, I’m confident that I can stick to my plan for July. Like I said, most of the posts are pretty much done and just need some quick editing and organizing before they can go up. So I already have that head start, plus public schools go on summer break in a couple of weeks – meaning a bunch of actual guaranteed free time is headed my way. Thank you all for your patience and understanding; I promise I’ve worked really hard on these, and I hope they’ll be worth the wait.

Katherine 🙂

NOTE: The featured image is a custom design I requested from my friend specifically for this blog and this column. Please do not alter it, repost it, or re-upload it without my permission. If you want to see the artist’s work, you can go to to her Instagram account here and/or her website here.

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