Katherine’s K-Pop Recap: June 21-27, 2021

A summary of the news, current and upcoming comebacks, charts and music show wins, and more!

NOTE: Except in special cases, the news recapped in these posts will refer to K-pop only. K-dramas, variety shows, and other forms of entertainment will only be mentioned if there is an idol or idol group involved.

News to Note

  • There are more updates on the situation between April, former member Hyunjoo, and DSP Media:
    • Four April members released a two part tell-all interview explaining their side of the story. The members who participated were Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol. (Rachel and Chaekyung are not involved because they weren’t part of April when Hyunjoo was a member.) You can read a translation of both parts of the interview here – it’s a very long read.
    • The defamation charges against Hyunjoo’s brother were dismissed. According to his lawyers, the police found he wasn’t trying to defame April and wanted to tell the truth about what happened to his sister. Various news outlets also reported that the police didn’t consider his posts as false because they found that bullying occurred and his account of events were similar to what happened. You can read more about the situation here.
    • DSP Media released a statement saying that the police did not confirm that the bullying actually happened, and that the reason for the case being dropped was that the results were inconclusive and Hyunjoo’s brother believed what he posted about to be true. You can read a translation of their statement here.
    • The lawyers representing Hyunjoo’s family responded to the above statement and countered DSP Media’s claim, sharing parts of the police report to confirm the truth. You can read translations of the statement and the police report excerpts here.
  • Cre.ker Entertainment is taking legal action against sasaeng fans of The Boyz who have been following them to their schedules and even attempted to break into their dorm. (It seems like they got into the building, but not the actual apartments.) You can read a translation of their statement here.
  • Lovelyz’s Jisoo tested positive for COVID-19 after coming into contact with a staff member who also had it. The other members tested negative, but are currently in self-isolation and have canceled some of their group and personal schedules. You can read more about the situation here.
  • While in Thailand, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie also had a staff member who contracted COVID-19, but she tested negative. She is currently self-isolating and following Thailand’s quarantine rules and guidelines. You can read Cube Entertainment’s statement on the situation here.
  • Stray Kids dropped a surprise mixtape called “애” (which you can watch here), and fans were quick to notice that Hyunjin appeared in the video. Up until this point, he had been taking a break from activities after facing allegations of middle school bullying and had not promoted with Stray Kids for several months. The next day, JYP Entertainment announced that Hyunjin had completed his period of self-reflection and would be ending his hiatus starting in July. You can read a translation of that here.
  • INFINITE’s Sunggyu has tested positive for COVID-19. You can read a translation of his agency’s statement about it here.

This Week’s Debuts and Comebacks

(Please note that I won’t necessarily link every release that came out this week – just the ones that I’m aware of or popped up on my radar. The same is true of the “Coming Up Next Week” category.)

A.C.E, “Higher” (6/22)

Coming Up Next Week

Monday (6/28)Tuesday (6/29)Wednesday (6/30)Thursday (7/1)Friday (7/2)
2PMDrippinOMEGA XAleXa
NCT Dream
Han Seungwoo

This Week’s Music Show Wins

The Show (SBS MTV)Brave Girls, “Chi Mat Ba Ram” (1st win)
Show Champion (MBC)BTS, “Butter” (11th win)
M! Countdown (MNET)TWICE, “Alcohol-Free” (3rd win)
Music Bank (KBS)SEVENTEEN, “Ready to Love” (1st win)
Music Core (MBC)BTS, “Butter” (12th win)
Inkigayo (SBS)TWICE, “Alcohol-Free” (4th win)

Album Sales, Streaming, and Charting

Gaon Chart

NOTE: Gaon‘s weekly charts reflect the previous week. To see a full breakdown of the chart, you can go here.

Album SalesSEVENTEEN, Your ChoiceBamBam (GOT7),
Brave Girls,
Summer Queen
NCT Dream,
Hot Sauce
Overall DigitalBTS,
“Next Level”
Oh My Girl,
“Dun Dun Dance”
Justin Bieber,
“Next Level”
Oh My Girl,
“Dun Dun Dance”
Justin Bieber,
“Ready to Love”
Brave Girls,
“Chi Mat Ba Ram”
Im Young Woong, “My Starry Love”Im Young Woong, “Trust in Me”BTS,
SocialBTSBLACKPINKIm Young Woong Kim Ho JoongTWICE

Other Sales and Streaming Notes:

  • BTS also placed #1 on Gaon’s BGM (background music) chart, meaning they got a quadruple crown for this week.
  • SEVENTEEN has now become quadruple million sellers with the release of Your Choice, which now has the highest first week sales out of any album released in 2021.
  • aespa’s “Next Level” placed #1 on Melon’s 24Hits chart, making them the first group to do so with a song that came out after Melon altered their charting system last year. (The 24Hits chart now is based on the number of unique/individual listeners.)

The International Side of K-pop

  • BTS’s “Butter” placed #1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 for the fourth week in a row, passing “Dynamite” as their song with the most #1s on this particular chart.
  • TWICE also had a lot of success on the Billboard charts this week:
    • Taste of Love debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 – it’s TWICE’s third release to do so, but their first to debut in the Top 10. The only other K-pop girl group who has placed in the Top 10 is BLACKPINK. What’s more, Taste of Love is the first mini-album by a female K-pop artist to make the Top 10.
    • Taste of Love ranked #1 on three Billboard charts: Top Album Sales, Top Current Album Sales, and World Album sales.
    • TWICE is the sixth girl group to place first on the Top Album Sales chart after Destiny’s Child, TLC, Spice Girls, Danity Kane, and BLACKPINK. However, they are the very first group to do so with a mini-album.
  • In addition to all their Billboard success, TWICE announced they would be releasing their first fully English single (aka not an English version of a Korean song) sometime in September.
  • TXT’s The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE ranked #34 on the Billboard 200 after placing #5 last week. It’s now the first K-pop album released 2021 to stay in the Top 50 of the chart for two weeks.
  • TXT is also the third K-pop group to reach over 10 million followers on TikTok, after BTS and BLACKPINK.
  • SEVENTEEN performed “Ready to Love” on both Jimmy Kimmel Live (here) and MTV Fresh Out Live (here) – I believe these were pre-recorded before they went into self-isolation.
  • The following K-pop music videos reached new viewer milestones on YouTube:
    • EXO’s “Tempo” hit 200 million views.
    • BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” reached 900 million views almost exactly a year after its release, and is now the fastest K-pop girl group music video to do so.

Notable Variety Shows Featuring K-pop Idols

Weekly IdolKnowing BrothersAmazing Saturday
This WeekSpecial episode (no guests)Non-idol guestsBrave Girls (Minyoung and Yujeong)
Next WeekRookie boy group special with members from T1419, MIRAE, and OMEGA X2PMTXT (Yeonjun and Beomgyu)

SOURCES NOTE: I get my news from a mix of sources, and all of them report the same information and sometimes cite each other as well. So rather than linking the exact article for each and every news item (unless the article provides a lot more detail), I will cite my general news sources below. Each of them will most likely have an article and/or tweet providing more details on the item in question.

MY REGULAR NEWS SOURCES: Soompi, Omona They Didn’t (Livejournal), The Seoul Story (Twitter @theseoulstory), and Girl Group Zone! (Twitter @girlgroupzone)


VIDEO SOURCES: YouTube, BEAT INTERACTIVE (A.C.E)*, JYP Entertainment (Stray Kids), MTV (SEVENTEEN’s Fresh Out Live performance), SEVENTEEN’s YouTube Channel (Jimmy Kimmel Live performance)
*Music video for “Higher” is distributed by 1theK.

OTHER SOURCES:  YouTube, Wikipedia, BillboardGaon Chart, KBS, MBC, MNET, SBS

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