New (School) Year, New Plans

Hello, all! It’s been a long time (again). I’m sorry I had to step away from the blog for a while, but there’ve been a lot of major life changes since my last personal post. I can finally tell you the big reason I haven’t been around lately – I found a new workplace, and I’ve moved to Seoul! I’ve actually been here for a little bit, but I was sitting on the news since there were a TON of unforeseen complications to moving across the country. So, a lot of my time and energy has been spent on adjusting to the new job and handling random life admin situations as they come up. But everything has finally been resolved, and I’m ready to make the official announcement!

Ironically, I’ve had very little time for K-pop since moving to its geographical heart and center. I took a complete break while I was preparing for the big move, and I only just started checking out all the new releases. My new work schedule is a lot more consistent than my old one – no more hopping back and forth between two schools, for one thing – so I’m confident I’ll be able to start posting regularly again soon. But since I’m still getting used to everything, I haven’t set a solid plan yet. Since I missed so many news recaps, I’m just going to make big monthly ones for February and March and then (hopefully) shift back to weekly. As for reactions and original content, that’s still up in the air. I have a bunch of 2021 things left in my drafts, so I guess I’ll start by cleaning those up and making them ready for publishing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up to the newer stuff relatively quickly.

As always, thanks so much for checking out my blog and being ever patient with me. And please look forward to new upcoming content!


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