I’ve been dragging my feet about revising my EXO profile because there’s so much work involved… so many updates for them as a group AND as individual members. Initially, I was planning to quietly work on it piece by piece or just wait until they made another full group or subunit comeback. But choosing to make a SuperM profile realigned my priorities since I needed to update Baekhyun and Kai’s profiles and link them in. The perfectionist in me was not happy at the thought of only updating two members, especially since I looked through all the pages I’d made and realized they were extremely outdated. So I took a detour from my original plan, and here we are.

However, I want to make it clear that this is *TECHNICALLY* not a complete update. I’d consider it probably like a 75% update at best. I had to draw the line somewhere, so I ended up just putting the variety shows/content section on the back burner because I don’t have time to track down all of those videos right now. And I also only updated the profiles of the EXO members who were involved in their most recent comeback (as a full group). I’ll update Xiumin and D.O. sometime after they come back from their military service. I don’t know when Lay will be able to promote with EXO again (sigh), but I’ll also get around to his page eventually. In the meantime, here’s what I did change:

  • Updated and reformatted the profiles for Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun
  • Added a Discography page
  • Added a page of B-Sides I like
  • Updated my Opinions on EXO page (which hadn’t been touched since 2017, so that was hilarious)
  • Updated Music Show Wins and Awards, and added Achievements
    • Since EXO is a massively popular group with a long career and a lot of accolades and accomplishments, I decided it would be best to divide the information rather than have everything in one long page. So now there are three separate pages: one for Music Show Wins, one for Awards, and one for Achievements.

To go to the 75% completed EXO profile, click the picture below!

Now that I’m finished with that, SuperM will be coming up very soon. It’s pretty close to being finished – I was working on both profiles simultaneously. I have the rest of the week off for Chuseok and I can’t go anywhere so I expect to get it up and running pretty quickly. Then, I will turn my full attention to BLACKPINK (yay full album on Friday)! After that, I will go back to NCT because of this new and exciting NCT 2020 project… but I’m still thinking about how to organize everything, because it seems like it’s getting more and more complicated @.@ @.@ @.@


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