It took me a *little* longer than I planned, but I finally finished! The BLACKPINK profile has officially been reformatted with the new look. I know that my BLACKPINK pages get the most activityon this blog (especially that Music Show Wins page), so I wanted to do my due diligence and make sure it had all of the latest news and important information.

BLACKPINK has made HUGE strides in their career since I first made and revised this profile, so nearly every page got some kind of update. Here are some of the major updates:

  • Each BLACKPINK member now has her own individual profile.
  • Since BLACKPINK has accomplished so much over the past couple of years, I split all of their various achievements over several pages. (Otherwise I would have ended up with one page and probably ten sub-pages.) Now, there are separate pages for: music show wins, YouTube views, awards, sales and streaming achievements, Billboard achievements, and other miscellaneous achievements.
    • I mentioned this on some of the pages, but I want to make the same disclaimer here: some of the content is very heavy on United States content – especially the “miscellaneous achievements” page – but this is because it’s what I’m most knowledgeable of as an American K-pop fan. BLACKPINK has had lots of achievements all over the world, but I don’t always have the knowledge or context to explain as well as I do with media that comes from the United States.
  • There are new variety show and essential content pages for 2018, 2019, and all of the new 2020 stuff. The 2020 content is separated into videos made before and after The Album officially dropped, because BLACKPINK has given us WAY more content than they have before. (Which is awesome!) I also made a page for BLACKPINK’s reality shows.
  • I added some small extra pages like B-sides that I like and photoshoots BLACKPINK has done.

To go the new updated BLACKPINK profile, click the picture below!

The next project is updating the NCT profiles now that NCT 2020 is well underway. A lot of other groups I have profiles for are also having comebacks soon – TWICE, Monsta X, and GFriend – so I will making minor updates to those. Since I already made the major updates earlier in the year, it’s mostly going to be easy stuff like switching out teaser photos and adding any videos and new information. And as I’ve been mentioning for the past several months, I will be attempting to update my BTS profile for when they drop their latest album in November. (It’s over a month away and I still sense I somehow won’t be ready in time LOL)

Also, I promise I haven’t abandoned my Road to Kingdom recaps; they’re just sitting in my drafts while I’ve been trying to get other stuff going. I’m planning to get back to those soon!


NOTE: Both images used in this post are promotional teasers for The Album and belong to YG Entertainment.

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