Hi everyone! It’s been almost two months since I’ve (noticeably) remodeled one of my group profiles, but I’m finally ready to deem the BTS one sufficiently updated. Much like with EXO, I will admit that this one is not fully complete. I knew there would be a lot of work involved with such a big group – which was why I was dragging my feet about it for so long – but it took even longer than I expected because my work schedule was constantly changing this fall. I have now discovered that a month and a half is the maximum amount of time I’m willing to spend on any of these profiles, especially now that there’s so much on my blog to-do list. But even if the BTS profile isn’t 100% done, it’s at least 75-80% complete! I just chose to forgo updating all the video heavy pages like Variety Shows and Special Stages, but I will circle back to those once I’ve taken a breather and finished some of my other more pressing tasks.

Here’s what I DID change:

  • Updated Discography and B-Sides
  • Updated Opinions (that was wild because my 2018 opinions are very different from my 2020 ones)
  • Added individual profile pages for each member
  • Split up all of BTS’s achievements into separate pages. Since BTS has obviously achieved a ton in the past few years, I made the following pages:
    • Music Show Wins
    • Awards
    • YouTube Views
    • Sales and Streaming Accomplishments (this is just for South Korea, so Gaon Chart/Melon/etc.)
    • Billboard Charts and Accomplishments
    • Miscellaneous Accomplishments (anything that doesn’t fit in the other two pages)

I would like to take a moment to just make the disclaimer that this is not a complete detailed profile of BTS and everything they do/have done. It is as comprehensive as possible, but it does not and never will have every new chart ranking or item of interest. I like BTS, but I’m just one person trying to run a K-pop blog. I’m not an ARMY, and I do not have that level of knowledge. I feel bad because I try and make my profiles as complete as I can – and I have for other groups – but it’s just too much with superstars like BTS. Soompi literally wouldn’t let me scroll past the year 2018 in their BTS tag because there were too many articles. I view this profile as more of an introduction for people who are just discovering BTS, or a general resource for people who don’t know much about them and want to get an idea of why they’re so famous and popular. I hope it’s useful to anyone who references it, ARMY or not, but please understand that this is a case where it’s just not possible for me to track down and include everything.

To see the updated BTS profile, click on the photo below!

Next, I will be focusing on updating my NCT profiles to include all of the new NCT 2020 stuff. Then, I will work on GOT7 because they just had a comeback. And then go back and add end of the year information to all the other profiles I did. But after that, I’ll only have two profiles left to update! The end is in sight! I’m also planning a bunch of new stuff to close out 2020 and start 2021 – now that most of the profiles are in good shape, please look forward more original content in the new year!


NOTE: The images used in this post are teaser photos for “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On” and belong to Big Hit Entertainment.

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