Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #51-100

After taking a couple of quick detours to previous years, I’m finally back on track and ready to unveil my favorite songs of 2020! I mentioned in my last post that I was much more focused on my favorite groups in 2019, and I didn’t do much exploring. This year, I did a complete 180. Because of COVID-19, I was basically forced to spend all my time at work or at home. That meant I had a LOT more free time to listen to and K-pop (and music in general). And I soon discovered that my habit of listening to the same song/artist every day caused me to get bored REALLY quickly. So, I soon returned to my ways of checking out most of the releases that came my way – and I’m so glad that I did! There was a lot about 2020 that COVID-19 ruined, but we still got a lot of great K-pop songs. My playlist for this year reached 100 songs, so I’m at peak multifan again. But I don’t have the time or energy to write about every single one, so I’m just going to cram half of them into one post.

DISCLAIMER: This list is 100% based on my own opinions and feelings, and is not a ranking of what I objectively think are the best songs of 2020.  The rankings are based on things like how much I like the song/choreography/music video/styling, how many times I listened to the song, how long I was into the comeback/debut, how many related videos I watched, etc.

Since I’m briefly summarizing the songs in sets of 10 for this post, I thought embedding each and every video would make it WAY too long. So if you want to watch a music video, just click on the song title.

Top 100

Every year, I keep telling myself that I’m not going to start following any rookies. I have to start being selective somewhere, and newly debuted groups who are like a decade younger than me seem like a good place to start. This held mostly true in 2020, as only three debut songs made it into my Top 50. But I still want to take the time to acknowledge some debut songs that piqued my interest. Because there are a lot of good rookies out there!

Top 90

I’ve always had a bit of a short attention span when it comes to K-pop, but it seems like that got worse this year. Half of these songs are ones I listened to way too often, so much so that I feel like I don’t need to hear them again for a very long time. The other half are from after I learned my lesson – so I liked them, but I didn’t spend a whole lot of attention on them (maybe about a week or so.) Many of the groups here also have another song that I ultimately liked a lot more and put in my Top 50 list, so we’ll see them pop up later. And yes, LOONA is here twice because I have very similar feelings about both of their 2020 releases.

Top 80

This next set of ten is fairly similar in that they’re all songs that I listened to for a couple of weeks. Some of them are from that have been in my Top 50 in previous years; I put them here because I liked the song fine, but not as much as some of their other ones. Some of them are from groups that I want to get into, but haven’t found a song of theirs that I truly loved yet. And many of them are also pretty underrated artists that I think deserve more recognition. So although I didn’t necessarily love these 2020 comebacks, I liked them and wanted to acknowledge them.

Top 70

These are mostly songs by high profile artists that were really popular – generally with the Korean public, but sometimes also with the international community. As usual, I generally listened to them so much that I lost interest. Or, I liked them but didn’t love them. In any case, they’re all objectively good songs and I can see why they were so beloved.

Top 60

I really enjoyed these songs, and I listened to each one a whole bunch of times (as opposed to the 1-3 weeks for all the songs that I listed before). They were super close to making it into my Top 50 – I think all of them made it in my earlier drafts at least once. However, I ultimately put them in my “special mentions” category because all of these artists had at least one other 2020 song that I liked more. (YooA and Baekhyun are kind of the exceptions, but I do have Oh My Girl and SuperM in my Top 50.)

You might be wondering why “Dynamite” didn’t make my Top 50, since it’s such a massively popular song and everyone loves it. To tell the truth, it was a really close call and I definitely thought about it a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve heard it so many times that any enjoyment I once had has been completely eliminated. I stopped voluntarily listening to it like a month ago in order to preserve my good feelings for it, and I STILL hear it at least twice a day out and about. So because this list is based on my own feelings, putting it in the “special mentions” category. I recognize “Dynamite” a good song and that it has a lot of accomplishments, but I can’t put it higher because I’m honestly so tired of it.

Stay tuned for the Top 50!

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