Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #1-10

I’m really excited about this year’s Top 10 because it’s a little different from past ones. As a K-pop fan, I usually just jump from one comeback to the next and love whatever’s trending at the moment. So normally, my Top 10 list is filled with songs from the end of the year – generallyContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #1-10”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #11-20

The closer we get to the top of this list, the easier it is to see how much my personal preferences come into play. Many of the groups here are my long time favorites, and have appeared in similar rankings on previous lists. A lot of the songs also share similar traits, either in theContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #11-20”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #21-30

Back in June or July, I made a list with a bunch of K-pop songs that I liked from the first half of 2020. With two exceptions, all of the songs in this post were originally high up on that list. Originally, I was drawn to them because I thought they were really creative andContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #21-30”

Katherine’s Top K-pop Releases of 2020: #31-40

This section of songs feels a little random to me, but I think it boils down to how absorbed I ultimately was by them. I mentioned before that I tend to hop from comeback to comeback, and I devote my attention to new music for about two weeks on average. I spent a little moreContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-pop Releases of 2020: #31-40”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #41-50

Even though I just did my whole 2019 list in one post, that was a bit of a rush job/last-minute decision. So, I’m going to go back to my tradition of breaking my Top 50 into five different pages. I can go into more detail, and it’s easier than making a post where you haveContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #41-50”

Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #51-100

After taking a couple of quick detours to previous years, I’m finally back on track and ready to unveil my favorite songs of 2020! I mentioned in my last post that I was much more focused on my favorite groups in 2019, and I didn’t do much exploring. This year, I did a complete 180.Continue reading “Katherine’s Top K-Pop Releases of 2020: #51-100”