Katherine’s Top K-pop Releases of 2020: #31-40

This section of songs feels a little random to me, but I think it boils down to how absorbed I ultimately was by them. I mentioned before that I tend to hop from comeback to comeback, and I devote my attention to new music for about two weeks on average. I spent a little moreContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-pop Releases of 2020: #31-40”

Katherine’s Top K-pop Songs of 2019: A (Somewhat) Brief Summary

Hi all! I know I said I’d be posting my 2020 favorites soon, but the perfectionist in me just feels weird not putting up a 2019 list when I have one for every other year on this blog. So even though I’m really just making things harder for myself, I decided to take another quickContinue reading “Katherine’s Top K-pop Songs of 2019: A (Somewhat) Brief Summary”