Busted S2E7 Recap: The Chairman’s Secret

In this episode: The team gets caught up in a chaebol family’s inheritance war when each of the three sons hires different members to find a missing will.

Episode Guest Stars

(I apologize for the not-necessarily-flattering quality of these photos – I mostly work with GIFs, so it’s a little harder to screenshot good images than I thought. But the aim is really just to give names to faces here.)

NOTE: In this episode, some of the names are romanized a little differently from how you might be used to seeing them. For example, “Jihun” instead of “Jihoon.” I’m going to stick with what the subtitles say, but it’s still the same name and pronunciation.

ln Gyojin

Byeon Jeongsu

Yoon Bora
(actress, former K-pop idol/member of SISTAR)

Kim Jihun

Lee Sanghun

***Recurring Guest Appearances: Kim Minjae, Tae Hangho

An Important Note

I’ve tried my best to summarize everything in these recaps, but sometimes there are parts of an episode or the overall story that aren’t clear to me. I’m in Korea, so I have Korean Netflix – they have English subtitles for all the dialogue, but not necessarily all of the captions and titles they put in the show. I’m sure that sometimes I miss things, and sometimes I may arrive at the wrong conclusion. But I’ll make sure to highlight the parts where I’m confused or unsure about certain details.

***WARNING!*** THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE/SERIES AHEAD. These recaps are written summary style – I’m writing as if I’ve watched these episodes for the first time, but this is primarily aimed towards people who have seen the series before and want to refresh their memory or find answers to certain questions. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SERIES AND ARE PLANNING TO, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Episode Recap

FINALLY, a lighter storyline! After the heavy Episode 5 and the scarefest that was Episode 6, Busted decided to return to its more humorous roots. This episode and the next are on the funnier side, and then the final two of the season will be devoted to solving the main mystery.

The introduction is an unseen moment from last episode, where we learn that Minyoung and Seunggi were separately contacted by new clients. We then cut to the present, where Seunggi strolls into the Grand Hyatt hotel in Incheon. (I actually stayed here for my first night in Korea, so I totally got a kick out of seeing it again.) He’s here to meet his new client, and he’s chosen to bring his new bestie Sehun with him. They’ve been hired by Wang Gyojin (Im Gyojin), a wealthy chaebol who is the oldest son of the Manra Group. Note that this episode is kind of a parody of K-dramas, so some of the Wang family members are kind of over the top and fulfill different stereotypes. Gyojin is apparently the arrogant bad boy, and he just got released from prison.

Gyojin explains that his father recently died, and the will is going to be revealed today. And like any good mystery, the will contains a *special secret.* He asks Seunggi and Sehun for assistance both in tracking down the will and outsmarting his brothers and the “dregs” they hired. Of course, those “dregs” turn out to be fellow detective team members. The handsome middle son Wang Jihun (Kim Jihun) hired Minyoung, who predictably chose Sejeong as her partner. And the youngest son anonymously texted Jaewook, who added Jaesuk and Jongmin to his team. So, everyone is surprised to see each other at the hotel. They’re even more surprised to discover that the youngest Wang son is none other than police sergeant Kim Minjae. He changed his last name and left the chaebol life ten years ago because he couldn’t stand his dysfunctional family. But now, he’s come back because he can’t let his older brothers take all of his father’s money. DRAMA!

In true soap opera fashion, the chairman’s over the top widow Byeon Jeongsu makes her grand and flashy entrance with the family secretary Lee Sanghun in tow. To be precise, she’s his fourth wife – and she demands that the sons call her “mother” despite being just six years older than Gyojin. Oh, and she used to be their maid, because we have to hit all of the tropes. She scolds Minjae because he didn’t take his allergy pills – he’s apparently allergic to pollen, and the flowers on the table make him cough. This seems like a throwaway comment, but it’s important for later. Jeongsu also reveals that she’s found an insulting note about her. She makes all of the detectives submit their own notes in order to compare their handwriting. This seems kind of random, but Minjae realizes something important when he looks at all of the notes – and we find out what that is in a future episode. (By the way, Gyojin confesses to Seunggi and Sehun that he wrote the note later.)

Everyone heads up to the chairman’s hotel suite, where the attorney distributes three copies of the will to the three sons. The will reads: “I always wanted to go find Jelina if I had white cloth and the wind. However, I worked hard because I loved you. And I wanted to give you everything you wanted. However, you never cared about what I wanted. And that made me go to a green field to think about my thoughts. Think back on your life as you take a walk at the peak of Masiran Beach. The answer is where the delicate scent exists.” On the back is a map of Incheon. The clues in the will leads to three different locations: Wangsan Marina (white cloth + wind = yacht), Dream Golf (green field = golf course), and a cafe at Masiran Beach.

All three teams have to visit all three spots, so there’s a lot of cross-editing. To make things simpler, I’m just going to summarize one place at a time. And from now on, I’ll be using these team names to avoid confusion:

Team NameTeam Members
Team GyojinGyojin (oldest son), Seunggi, Sehun
Team JihunJihun (middle son), Minyoung, Sejeong
Team MinjaeMinjae (youngest son), Jaewook, Jaesuk, Jongmin

The three different locations the teams must visit. Team Gyojin is marked in blue, Team Jihun is marked in orange, and Team Minjae is marked in green.

***ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING BEFORE WE MOVE ON!*** This isn’t part of this episode’s mystery, but it does have to do with this season’s overall storyline. Minjae tells Jaewook, Jaesuk, and Jongmin some new details about their former boss K‘s death. Turns out that K actually wasn’t killed by Lee Yujin, and he had actually died several hours before. Someone poisoned him earlier in the evening, so he was dead by the time Yujin arrived and stabbed him. So this means that someone else killed K, and we don’t know who… yet.

Location #1: The Marina

Order of Arrival: 1) Team Minjae / 2) Team Gyojin / 3) Team Jihun

The “Jelina” in the will is the name of the chairman’s yacht. And who should be lounging on it but our favorite sketchy character Tae Hangho. Apparently he bought the yacht from Minjae’s father, and it’s registered under his name. Since no one has ten thousand dollars, they have to play another traditional Korean game against Tae Hangho to get their clue. This time, it’s gonggi. Per usual, I’m not familiar enough with Korean culture to fully explain the rules, and you don’t *really* need to know them to enjoy the episode. But to simplify things, I’ll say that it looks kind of like jacks. There are five small stones, which you throw onto a flat surface. You pick one stone and toss it, then grab the others while that one’s in the air. It looks like there are different stages where you pick up one at a time, then two at a time, etc.

For this specific game, each side draws three playing cards and adds them up. That total is their designated number of points they need to win. Whichever side reaches their number first is the victor. I’m not 100% sure how they calculate points in gonggi, but I think it has to do with the last level. After you do the stages I previously mentioned, you throw all the stones in the air at once. You flip your hand over and catch as many as you can on the back of your hand. Then you then toss them again and grab them midair, and whichever ones you grab count for the points. (Again, this is just what figured out from watching the show. I’m sure there are more complicated rules and instructions in the official version, so please don’t take my word as gospel.)

An example of how you play gonggi.

Sehun performing the last stage.

  • Team Minjae: Jaesuk is pretty good at gonggi, leading to his teammates to joke that he’s found his one and only talent. Jaewook has trouble seeing the stones because of his near-sightedness, which causes even the normally stoic Minjae to burst out laughing. After a heated match, Jongmin manages to pull off a tricky maneuver that earns them the win.
  • Team Gyojin: Seunggi and Sehun are also skilled at gonggi, so they use this opportunity to hustle Tae Hangho. They call out every single little mistake he makes, they add in all of these fancy moves like the “dip” and proclaim those are allowed, and they overrule Tae Hangho when he protests. Plus they tell him he does the dip wrong after he attempts it once. After thoroughly irritating Tae Hangho, they easily beat him.
  • Team Jihun: Tae Hangho is definitely annoyed and tired of the other teams’ nonsense by the time the last group arrives, so he’s much stricter. Or at least he tries to be, because the ladies still manage to steamroll him with other tricks.

Poor Jaewook.

When a team wins, Tae Hangho shows them a trunk of the chairman’s belongings. Among the various items is a fan that shows “9 -> GA” when it lights up.

Location #2: The Golf Course

Order of Arrival: 1) Team Gyojin / 2) Team Jihun / 3) Team Minjae

The staff tells the teams that the chairman prepared a special golf course. At each hole, there are lots of differently colored golf balls and a riddle. They must solve the riddle to determine which color ball they should hit. Then, “Par #” refers to the number of chances that they have to get a hole in one with those colored balls. If they succeed, they can see the clue and leave immediately. If they use up all their chances and fail, they have to go to another hole and try again. There are five holes in the course, meaning they have five opportunities in total.

I put the first riddle below as an example. For the first hole, the puzzle is the words “ugly rapper.” It’s actually an anagram for “purple gray,” so they need to find the balls that are that color. The whole is Par 3, so they have three chances to get a hole in one. Other riddles at other holes include a color Sudoku puzzle and a logic puzzle where you have to figure out what order the colors are in based on the clues given.

The first hole’s riddle.

The purple-gray golf ball.

  • Team Gyojin: They have to go up to the third hole, where Seunggi finally manages to get a hole in one. They then troll Minyoung and Sejeong and give them false clues, which starts some bad blood for the rest of the episode. The women figured that Seunggi would try to trick them, but they trusted Sehun… so they’re even more annoyed by his betrayal.
  • Team Jihun: Minyoung and Sejeong are smart and good at puzzles – particularly Minyoung – but they’re not that good at golf. So while they succeed at solving all the riddles, they have to go to the fourth hole before they can get a hole in one (thanks to Jihun).
  • Team Minjae: Only three people can play the first hole, so the team has to draw lots to determine who can do it. Jaesuk is angry because he’s the fourth person. (I guess he’s a good golf player.) Luckily, Jaewook’s eyesight finally serves him well, and he manages to get a hole in one – saving his team from having to go through the whole golf course.

When the teams win, they are shown a golden golf ball that says “4 -> RD” as their clue.

Location #3: The Cafe

Order of Arrival: 1) Team Jihun / 2) Team Minjae / 3) Team Gyojin

Yoon Bora, the server at the cafe, explains the mission. The chairman had a specific method of ordering coffee whenever he was there. He had a special scale that he would use to measure coffee beans until both sides were even, and then he would order whichever coffee corresponded to the weight on his scale. Before his death, he specifically chose the coffee beans and asked that Bora not change them. She remembers that he hung 12 bags, so the teams should figure out which 12 bags of coffee beans will make the structure level. (The bags themselves have different weights.) Then, they should find how much that coffee weighs in total and order the corresponding coffee from the menu in order to get the clue.

The chairman’s scale.

The solution, which is 48g.

  • Team Jihun: As expected, Minyoung and Sejeong solve it relatively quickly.
  • Team Minjae: This team struggles a bit, making Bora points out that Team Jihun figured it out much faster. Also, Jaewook’s vision problems continue and can’t see the hooks well enough to be able to attach the coffee bags. (Chronologically, this is before he scored that miraculous hole in one at the golf course.) But they eventually find the answer when they stop to write everything out on paper.
  • Team Gyojin: They’re not actually shown solving the puzzle, but they obviously get it at some point.

When the teams order the correct item (a “Le Sommet Frappe”), Bora shows them a paper that says “5.3 -> EN” as their clue.

Finding he Fourth Location

So to review, we have three clues: “9 -> GA,” “4 -> RD,” and “5.3 EN.” Though all of the teams realize that the letters spell out “GARDEN,” they’re stumped by what the numbers mean. At this point, each son receives a text from his stepmother saying she’ll share an important clue to the one who gives her half of his inheritance. All of them take her up on her offer, and she texts them a photo of a drawing compass – the kind you use in geometry. Basically, they’re supposed to use the compass to draw circles on the map. The location (marina, golf course, cafe) is the center, and the numbers refer to the radius of each circle. All three circles have an intersecting point at Incheon Airport Terminal 2, where there’s a “King’s Garden.”

What the three clues mean.

Team Jihun arrives at the airport first, closely followed by Team Gyojin. The detectives snipe at each other because of all the cheating and trickery, so their dispute is still alive and well. They find a commemorative plaque noting that the chairman donated the garden, but beneath it is another copper plate that says: “If you’re reading this, you haven’t understood my message. Reflect on what you’ve done from the start.” Both teams separately arrive at the conclusion that the real final place of the will is the VIP hotel room. Minyoung remembers that Minjae is allergic to pollen, so she thinks his father wouldn’t hide it in a place with real flowers. And Seunggi realizes that “King’s Garden” could be a metaphor, as in the hotel suite was the chairman’s garden.

The Will Revealed

Both teams race each other to get to the hotel – quite literally, as Sehun speeds past Jihun on the drive there. Of course, it doesn’t really matter because they arrive at almost the same time. The sabotage continues as they try to block each other from getting to the suite multiple times through the elevator and the hallway, because all bets are off at this point. Once they’re all actually in the room, Minyoung looks in the mirror and notices there are scratch marks that she can match the will papers with. It turns out that the mirror is magnetic, so she stacks all three papers of the will onto it. She checks the mirror again, and realizes there are other scratch marks across it. Those marks line up with certain words: “The answer to what you want is here.”

The will’s true message.

The mirror pops out to reveal a hidden space. Minyoung triumphantly reaches in to grab a note… that says, “We found what you want.” Thanks to some clever editing by the show, it turns out that Team Minjae actually figured out everything first and was just lying in wait for the other teams to get here. Apparently, Jaewook’s quick hole in one gave them a significant lead in terms of time. They also apparently misspelled something in their note on purpose to annoy the smarter detectives. Heh. But now that the will has been found, the secret can be revealed. And what a secret it is!

Minjae glances at the will, laughs in disbelief, and reads: “I give my entire fortune… to my beloved secretary, Lee Sanghun.” As everyone exclaims in confusion, Sanghun breaks down into tears and wails “자기야!” (This is a Korean term of endearment in Korean, like “honey” or “darling.”) Turns out that he and the chairman had an affair for three years, and they even had matching couple rings! Remember that South Korea is a conservative country, and the attitude towards LGBTQ+ people is generally “don’t ask, don’t tell.” So you can imagine how shocked everyone on the show is at this revelation. The stepmother looks at the compass again and sees that it has an engraving: “W&L,” aka “Wang & Lee.” (The cafe was also named this, which is a nice detail.) The episode ends with the stepmother and the secretary shouting “I was his last love!” at each other while everyone else looks totally done with everything. But to be fair, they pretty much spent the whole day on a wild goose chase and got nothing for it.

Next episode: IZ*ONE appears, and the men of the team are super excited about it.

NOTE: All photos and GIFs are screenshots or screen captures from Busted! Season 2 Episode 7 on Netflix. Nothing belongs to me, and all images are used here for illustrative purposes only.

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