Busted S2E8 Recap: The Two Clients: The Guys’ and Girls’ Case Records

In this episode: The guys on the detective team are thrilled to appear on a crime show with IZ*ONE, while the girls investigate some of the strange happenings behind the scenes.

Episode Guest Stars

The main guest star of this episode id popular K-pop girl group IZ*ONE. Busted! Season 2 was filmed in fall 2018, meaning that IZ*ONE had just debuted. So, this was filmed around when they were promoting “La Vie en Rose.”( Fun fact: Seunggi actually knows IZ*ONE pretty well because he was the host of Produce 48!) Since it’s hard to take individual screenshots of all twelve members, I’ve just put one of their “La Vie en Rose” teaser pictures below:

IZ*ONE, numbered from 1 to 12: Nako, Sakura, Eunbi, Minju, Yuri, Yena, Wonyoung, Chaewon, Chaeyeon, Yujin, Hitomi, and Hyewon.

Other Guest Stars

(I apologize for the not-necessarily-flattering quality of these photos – I mostly work with GIFs, so it’s a little harder to screenshot good images than I thought. But the aim is really just to give names to faces here.)

Kim Hwan
(announcer, guest star Episode 4)

Lee Sejin

***Recurring Guest Appearances: Stephanie Lee, Yoon Jonghoon (mentioned/flashback), Tae Hangho (mentioned/flashback)

An Important Note

I’ve tried my best to summarize everything in these recaps, but sometimes there are parts of an episode or the overall story that aren’t clear to me. I’m in Korea, so I have Korean Netflix – they have English subtitles for all the dialogue, but not necessarily all of the captions and titles they put in the show. I’m sure that sometimes I miss things, and sometimes I may arrive at the wrong conclusion. But I’ll make sure to highlight the parts where I’m confused or unsure about certain details.

***WARNING!*** THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE/SERIES AHEAD. These recaps are written summary style – I’m writing as if I’ve watched these episodes for the first time, but this is primarily aimed towards people who have seen the series before and want to refresh their memory or find answers to certain questions. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SERIES AND ARE PLANNING TO, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Episode Recap

Jaesuk, Jaewook, Jongmin, Seunggi, and Sehun are hanging out and chatting when they receive a call from The Curious Detective Show. This is the TV show that some of the members visited back in Episode 4 during their competition with the Genius Detective Team (the one that Yoon Jonghoon and Stephanie Lee were panelists for). The director invites the men to appear on the show, and they jump at the chance when they hear that IZ*ONE will be the other guest stars. Sejeong and Minyoung aren’t present, so the guys just decide to go without them since there are limited guest spots anyway. The two women are off working on their own mission, which we’ll learn more about later.

The men arrive onset and are greeted by host Kim Hwan, whom we were introduced to in Episode 4. We also meet Lee Sejun, IZ*ONE’s manager, who brightly asks that the production staff look after the girls. The guys are thrilled to find out that each one of them will be on his own team with two IZ*ONE members (because of course). The teams are as follows:

Team JaesukJaesuk, Sakura, Chaeyeon
Team JaewookJaewook, Yena, Yuri
Team JongminJongmin, Hyewon, Yujin
Team SeunggiSeunggi, Minju, Hitomi
Team SehunSehun, Chaewon, Wonyoung

You might have noticed that two of the IZ*ONE members aren’t accounted for, and that’s because the show’s mystery revolves around them. The premise of the episode is that Eunbi and Nako are missing. tThe show plays a tape of the president of IZ*ONE’s company receiving a threatening voice-disguised call from someone who claims to have kidnapped them. Kim Hwan reassures the IZ*ONE girls that this is just a show, and the missing members are really with the show’s production staff. Yeah, I bet they’re not.

This show basically functions like a giant interactive Clue game. There are 18 cards: 6 suspects, 6 locations, and 6 tools. In order to win, a team has to collect the correct set of cards and discover who kidnapped Eunbi and Nako, where they were kidnapped, and how they were kidnapped. There are three different places where cards are hidden: each team must choose one, complete the mission involved there, and then choose six cards. But they should be careful, because some of the cards are fake. Each place also has different hints and clues about the mystery that they can use to help determine the correct cards. Once again, I’m going to cut through all of the episode’s cross-editing and just cover each spot one by one.

The three places the teams can visit: the dorm, the counseling center, and the practice room.

Note that there are a couple of run-ins with Minyoung and Sejeong throughout this part of the episode. Seunggi sees them when their cars stop next to each other at a red light, and they arrive at the counseling center when Jaewook is there with his team. But at this point, they don’t reveal much about what they’re doing.

Location #1: IZ*ONE’s Practice Room

Teams: Team Jongmin and Team Seunggi

When the teams arrive, they enter a booth with two buttons and two funnels. They must press a button and receive a piece of paper indicating the next place to go to. There are more booths scattered throughout the building, and they have go into each one and choose one between the buttons. However, most booths after the first one have a twist: there are two buttons, but three funnels. If they press the right button, the paper for their next location will come out of the center funnel. if they press the wrong button, the other two will shoot some kind of cream directly into their faces. (My guess is it’s either shaving cream or whipped cream.) Given the potential for slapstick, the show spends a lot of time on this mission.


There’s a little bit of confusion when the teams go into a booth that doesn’t give any clues even if they press both buttons. It’s not 100% clear, but I think some of the booths are dead ends – so if they get stuck, they have to go back to the last booth and keep pushing buttons until they get a new paper. After interacting with about eight booths, the teams get their final location: the piano room on the 2nd floor. There, they can look at the various details in the room and choose which cards they want to take (first come first serve). The clues include a board filled with fashion designs and a note that a prop gun will be delivered. After the mission, Minju also says something about seeing Eunbi and Nako wearing sunglasses and masks earlier.

Location #2: IZ*ONE’s Dorm

Teams: Team Jaesuk and Team Sehun

There’s a locked chest with the cards on the living room table. The teams must complete two missions to get the numbers for the padlock. The first is a timed challenge. One team member has to go inside a room with tons of clothes – the floor is literally covered in them. The other two who are still outside see a picture of a silly outfit. They have to describe the clothes to the member in the room, who has to comb through everything to find the three different outfit pieces. The tablet automatically takes a picture after one minute, and the member will succeed if he or she is wearing everything.

Sehun searching through clothes.

Sehun’s final outfit.

The second is a makeup telepathy mission. One team member must sit in a chair with a divider placed so that it covers half his face. The other two sit on either side of the divider with headphones and act as makeup artists. There are three makeup themes: yellow for “Simpsons” (yellow), green “Shrek”, or blue for “Avatar.” (At least, this was the case for Jaesuk’s team, since Sehun somehow ends up with red paint on his face.) To succeed in the mission, the two makeup artists must choose the same color to paint their teammate’s face without speaking or communicating.

Jaesuk has to deal with the divider.

Sakura and Chaeyeon applying makeup on either side of the divider.

There are a bunch of clues here at the dorm. First, there are a lot of Post-Its on the wall next to Eunbi’s bed; Jaesuk notices that one of them reads, “Dr. Lee’s secret.” Chaeyeon and Sakura don’t seem to know what that’s about, but say that Eunbi has lots of consultations with their therapist since she’s the group’s leader. Second, there’s a computer that shows all of the groups’ online orders, and Sehun notes that the same man delivers all of their packages. Third, there’s a letter where all of the IZ*ONE members wrote little messages to their manager. Eunbi kept apologizing for mistakes in hers. Finally, Chaeyeon says that their manager carries around a bunch of masks.

Location #3: The Counseling Center

Team: Team Jaewook

Jaewook is surprised to find out that IZ*ONE’s therapist is none other than Stephanie Lee! How many offices does this woman have? Unfortunately, she doesn’t really offer any new information about the case they’re solving; she just explains the mission and leaves. There are two different bookshelves, and the group has to organize them. The bookcase on the left has a set of red books and a set of blue books, and the one on the right has random Korean and English book. The right bookcase leans forward threateningly if they take out or move the wrong book.

The solution is to arrange the red and blue books in the left bookcase in alphabetical order. When they do that, the book titles form phrases. One of them spells out “Storytellers of the Night,” which is the title of one of the books in the right bookcase – that book contains the cards. They also find Nako and Eunbi’s counseling records, which they read for more clues about the case. Nako told Stephanie how she had nightmares about someone chasing her. Eunbi talked about how she keeps receiving flowers from someone; she originally thought it was from a fan, but now it’s making her scared.

Finishing the Show

Once the teams choose all of their cards, they return to the set of the show. (Minyoung and Sejeong eventually show up and drop in on the filming too.) Kim Hwan explains how two correct sets of cards were hidden randomly at the three locations. This means there are at least two copies of the correct culprit card, location card, and tool card. To try and get the right three cards, the teams play a game. Again, it’s basically Clue but without the board game aspect. Each team chooses one card that they want to check and reveals it to everyone present. Then, Kim Hwan reveals if any of the submitted cards are correct or not. This way, they can figure out the real cards through process of elimination. If a team thinks they have the correct solution, they can use one of their cards to unlock the door to the answer room and test the three they’ve chosen. However, each team only has two tries before they’re eliminated.

The eighteen different cards for the game.

For the first round, none of the cards the teams propose are correct. It’s the same for the second round, but all of the suspect cards are eliminated. So now everyone knows which culprit card is the right one. After this, they have an exchange time when each team can pick one card at random from the team next to them. Sehun’s team ends up with all of the delivery man cards, and they know that delivery man is the culprit. They had seen Eunbi’s note at the dorm about the doctor’s secret, so they decide to go with the counselor’s office as the location. They then decide to randomly choose one of the remaining tools – picking the duct tape – and go into the answer room. Their hunch is correct, and they win the show! I, a Sehun stan, am extremely proud.

The right answer to the game: the delivery man took them the counselor’s office using duct tape.

A message lights up; it reads, “2nd floor storage room.” As the winners, Sehun’s team can go there and rescue Eunbi and Nako. They head over… but are surprised to find an empty room. Eunbi and Nako’s makeup products are there, but they’re not. A member of the production staff suddenly whispers to Kim Hwan, who says that the girls have disappeared and filming needs to stop. Stephanie, who planned and set up everything for the show, is also headed to the set to figure out what happened. At this point, Minyoung and Sejeong step in and tell their teammates that the two IZ*ONE members have actually been abducted.

The Womens’ Detective Case

Now, we can finally see what the ladies of the team have been up to this whole time. We flash back to this morning and see Minyoung and Sejeong receive a visit from Eunbi and Nako (disguised by sunglasses and masks). Eunbi explains how someone kept sending them flowers, which we already knew from her counseling record. Apparently, those flowers came along with a card that had a weird message. The girls became afraid when the card disappeared, so they decided to seek out help from Minyoung and Sejeong. They hand over the flowers they received and leave in a hurry, since they were making this visit without telling their manager. The detectives notice that each flower has a mark on it. The papers they’re wrapped in have matching symbols, so they’re able to decode the message and figure out that they were sent from a shop called “Love Flower” in Gangnam.

The coded paper the flowers are wrapped in.

The flowers and their decoded symbols.

Minyoung and Sejeong visit Love Flower and talk to the florist. She says that someone has been regularly ordering those flowers with that special stamp paper. She doesn’t know who the client is because since they’re delivered by a different company, but she offers to look up the delivery man’s number if they go to another flower shop and get some flowers she needs. Of course, all of the flowers she list are in complicated English names (and some Latin ones), so they definitely forget everything by the time they get there. They have to go back a second time, and this time they record everything she says to succeed.

When ladies visit the delivery company, the delivery man says he’s almost certain he delivered the flowers to a woman. So it appears she had the flowers delivered, and then she sent them to IZ*ONE herself. Guess who signed for those flowers? One Lee Jeongah – aka Stephanie! They go talk to her at the counseling center while Jaewook and company are in her office, but she dodges their questions because of confidentiality reasons. When Minyoung and Sejeong go to the TV set, one of the staff tells them he can’t get hold of IZ*ONE’s manager. So although Stephanie sent the flowers, it looks like their manager was the one who really abducted them.

Solving the Real Mystery

Minyoung reveals that she and Sejeong read the manager’s diary. There are notes detailing his grudge against the CEO of IZ*ONE’s company, and how he’s been planning his revenge for a while. All of the pages were hole-punched in mysterious patterns; when the women took all of them and laid them out, it revealed an address. The team hurries there and finds Eunbi and Nako tied up with their manager keeping watch. They free the girls and have the cops arrest the manager, but he doesn’t know anything about the flowers.

The manager’s diary pages and the hidden address.

Stephanie shows up after and thanks the team for helping derail a potentially dangerous situation. She confesses that she planned both the pretend kidnapping for the show AND the business with the flowers. “You all know my mom is a shaman, right?” Stephanie asks, glossing over how the team accidentally got her mother arrested for murders she didn’t commit. She reveals that she also has a bit of shamanic powers. She had a premonition that something bad would happen to Nako and Eunbi – I’m assuming that means she sensed the manager would do something bad – so she set up everything to get the girls would seek out the detectives. And she used the show as an opportunity to test the rest of the team.

Stephanie says she heard that Nako and Eunbi received sunflowers. Where have we seen a sunflower before? On K‘s body way back in the first episode. Stephanie muses about how the team is always caught up with cases involving flowers. She also says, “The smell of blood that I could always smell on you is starting to get stronger. I think he will soon appear before you guys.” “He” apparently meaning the Flower Killer. YIKES. Stephanie hands the team a black card, which apparently is the one that Eunbi and Nako found strange and lost at the broadcasting station. It’s a black card that says “Killosophy.” The team remembers the website worshipping the Flower Killer that they saw at Kim Dongjun‘s apartment in Episode 5: the name of the website was “Death Blossom,” but the URL was “Killosophy.”

Once Stephanie leaves, the team talks about how suspicious it is that they keep running into her. They also bring up two of our other shady recurring characters: Yoon Jonghoon and Tae Hangho. We see a flashback to last episode where Sejeong asked Tae Hangho about Jonghoon. He said he wasn’t a good guy, which is *also* what Jonghoon said about him in Episode 6. Minyoung says that Stephanie revealed some more information about Jonghoon when she and Sejeong met her earlier in the episode. The reason they don’t get along is because he hit on her and she turned him down; he’s been bothering her ever since. Jonghoon also got suspended from his job sometime after the team last saw them. This is all stuff to keep in mind for the next couple of episodes.

They team looks at the black card and see letters in a square (word-search style). Seunggi figures out the message by starting in one corner and reading the letters while rotating the paper. It says, “We’d like to invite our Sophias to the beautiful and artistic murder scene made by the Flower Killer.” It also gives a date and an address. The team realizes that Killosophy isn’t just website that worships the Flower Killer – it’s a whole cult, and this paper is an invitation.

The Killosophy card and its message.

Next episode: We finally start to focus on the season’s main mystery and learn more about The Flower Killer.

NOTE: All photos and GIFs are screenshots or screen captures from Busted! Season 2 Episode 8 on Netflix. Nothing belongs to me, and all images are used here for illustrative purposes only.

The photo of IZ*ONE is a teaser image for their debut single “La Vie en Rose” and belongs to Off The Record Entertainment. I added numbers to make it easier to identify the members.

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