NCT Dream Comeback Review: “My First and Last”

NCT did well with their various debuts, but it seems like they’ve really stepped up their game this year. “Limitless” was awesome, and I’m really liking “My First and Last.” While I’m fairly concerned about how much rest Mark and Haechan got these past few months, I think that this is a really great comeback for NCTContinue reading “NCT Dream Comeback Review: “My First and Last””

Favorites of 2017: January

I was expecting January to be a slow time for K-pop, but we still got a lot of great of music.  Female artists basically dominated this month for me.  A lot of my favorite rookie girl groups had comebacks, Dreamcatcher had a strong debut, Seohyun and Suzy released amazing music, and three of my favorite biases hadContinue reading “Favorites of 2017: January”

NCT 127 Comeback Review: “Limitless”

I was pretty ambivalent about NCT as a whole throughout 2016. I like “The Seventh Sense,” but “Fire Truck” just isn’t my thing. And I have no connection with NCT Dream, being at least nine years older than any given member. Basically, NCT was a group that I didn’t closely follow. “Limitless” totally changed allContinue reading “NCT 127 Comeback Review: “Limitless””