EXO Discography

Number of Promoted Singles: 14
Number of Mini Albums/EPs: 2
Number of Full Albums: 6
Number of Repackage Albums: 5
Number of Special WInter Albums: 4
Other Singles: 4
OSTs (as a group): 2

Foreign Promotions: When EXO debuted, they split their members into two subunits – EXO-K who promoted in South Korea, and EXO-M who promoted in China. Once Kris and Luhan left in 2014 (with Tao following in 2015), SM unofficially dissolved those units and had the remaining members perform as a full group primarily in South Korea. But some of the earlier music videos are officially “EXO-K” versions, which is why some members are more prevalent than others.

EXO also has a significant career in Japan and has a lot of Japanese. (I can attest to this because I did SM Global Package for an EXO concert in Seoul, and everyone on my tour bus was Japanese except for me – they had to bring in an extra English translator to talk to me XD)

NOTE: Although EXO has a Japanese discography and many Chinese versions of their songs, I have only included their Korean releases here because I’m not overly familiar with the other countries’ music industries.


Page 1: 2012-2015 (see below)
Page 2: 2016-2019
Page 3: Winter albums and other singles


“Mama” (April 8)
(1st mini album)


“Wolf” (May 30)

(1st full album)
EXO won their first music show trophy with “Wolf.”

“Growl” (August 1)

XOXO: Repackage
(XOXO repackage)
This song was incredibly famous in South Korea, and is probably EXO’s recognized song with the general public even today. In any case, it most definitely was the starting point for EXO’s explosive popularity.


“Overdose” (May 7)
(2nd mini album)

Kris departed EXO right at the start of “Overdose” promotions, shortly followed by Luhan. As a result, this is the last album and music video to feature either of them.


“Call Me Baby” (March 31)

(2nd full album)
Tao left EXO shortly after promotions for “Call Me Baby,” making this the last time he appeared in a music video or on an album.

“Love Me Right” (June 3)

Love Me Right
(EXODUS repackage)

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