EXO Discography


“Monster” and “Lucky One” (Date)

(3rd full album)
“Monster” and “Lucky One” were originally released as double title tracks, but “Monster” proved to be more popular and received all of the music show wins and accolades for that period.

“Lotto” (August 18)

(EX’ACT repackage)
Kai was injured during this period – while he appears in the music video, he did not perform with EXO for their promotions.

2016 was the last year that Lay promoted with EXO in South Korea. This is presumably because of the economic tensions between China and South Korea. (I’m not an expert on the situation, but from what I understand, China placed a ban on South Korean content and many Chinese idols who were popular in their home country – like Lay – chose to focus on their activities there for the time being). While Lay is still considered an EXO member, he has not participated in any comebacks except for recording the Chinese version of “Tempo” and briefly appearing in the music video.


“Ko Ko Bop” (July 18)

The War
(4th full album)

“Power” (September 5)

The War: The Power of Music
(The War repackage)


“Tempo” (November 2)

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo
(5th full album)

“Love Shot” (December 13)

Love Shot
(Don’t Mess Up My Tempo repackage)


Xiumin and D.O. both enlisted in the military to fulfill their mandatory service this year. As a result, they did not participate in EXO’s 2019 activities. This is also the last full group album and music video to feature Suho before his enlistment in 2020.

“Obsession” (November)
(6th full album)

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