Wanna One Member Profiles: Maknae Line


Real Name: Lee Daehwi (이대휘)
Birthday: January 29, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (Western), Snake (Eastern)
From: Seoul, South Korea
Agency: Brand New Music Entertainment
Position(s): Lead vocalist, lead dancer

Produce 101 Initial Ranking (Episode 1): #3
Produce 101 Final Ranking (Episode 11): #3
Notable Produce 101 Performances: Boy in Luv (Team 1), Playing With Fire, Never, Super Hot

Claim to Fame on the Show: Winning the coveted center position for the M! Countdown performance of “Pick Me.”

Daehwi in “Light” (2018)


Woojin and fellow Wanna One member Daehwi debuted in Brand New Music’s boy group AB6IX on May 22, 2019. The group also includes Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun, who also competed on Produce 101 and promoted as a duo while Wanna One was active. AB6IX has had a lot of success in their first year of debut with a debut mini album, a full album, and a first concert in one of the biggest venues in Seoul. They most recently dropped a mini album featuring solo songs for each of the members.

Daehwi has also written and composed a lot of songs. They were mostly for AB6IX and MXM, but he also wrote songs for Jisung, Jihoon, IZ*ONE, and the Produce X 101 trainees. He’s also one of the co-host for MNET’s music show M! Countdown with Han Hyunmin.

Other Activities Outside of Wanna One (during active period):

Produce 48
(프로듀스 48)
Episodes 8 and 10
The third season of the Produce series that took trainees from Korean agencies and members of Japanese girl group AKB48 (and its subunits) to create a global girl group. Daehwi composed one of the songs for the “Concept Mission” and was the producer for recording and rehearsals. The song was “See You Again.”

Episodes 8 and 9
A show where celebrities help tutor non-celebrities in order to motivate their studies. Daehwi appeared as an English tutor. Not all of the clips in the playlist have English subs, but the latter half does.

King of Masked Singer
(미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕)
Episode 175
A singing competition show similar to The Voice. Contestants perform head to head in three elimination rounds, but their identities are hidden by elaborate masks and costumes. Thus, the panelists may only judge the winner based on his or her voice.

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