Wanna One Member Profiles: Maknae Line


Real Name: Lai Kuanlin (Chinese – 賴冠霖, Hangul – 라이관린)
Birthday: September 23, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra (Western), Snake (Eastern)
Agency: Cube Entertainment
From: New Taipei City, Taiwan
Position(s): Lead rapper, maknae

NOTE: His name can be romanized as both “Guanlin” and “Kuanlin.” I will use “Kuanlin” because he tends to use that one more frequently, but I might accidentally use the other one from time to time since that’s what I was used to.

Produce 101 Initial Ranking (Episode 1): #10
Produce 101 Final Ranking (Episode 11): #7
Notable Produce 101 Performances: Boy in Luv (Team 2), Fear, Never, Super Hot

Claim to Fame on the Show: He and fellow Cube trainee Yoo Seonho were initially labeled the “baby chicks” due to their cuteness and their lack of experience (they had only been training for six months). However, they both showed a determination to improve and get better.  Kuanlin’s self-written rap for the position evaluations touched a lot of fans, especially because he worked hard on his Korean.  His efforts shot him to 2nd place after the challenge.

Guanlin in “Boomerang” (2018)


Twitter: @LAI_KUANLIN_twt
Instagram: @official_lai_kuanlin

When Wanna One disbanded, Kuanlin returned to Cube Entertainment and debuted in a duo unit with Pentagon’s Wooseok. He also was cast for a drama in China. In July 2019, Kuanlin filed to terminate his contract with Cube. I don’t really want to summarize the legal conflict because both sides had conflicting statements and I obviously don’t know what’s true; if you want to know more, you can look at Soompi’s articles about in on their Kuanlin tag. In the end, the court dismissed the case and Kuanlin remains a Cube artist.

Other Activities Outside of Wanna One (during active period):

Music Video Appearance

“Jelly” by Jeon Soyeon / Cube and 1theK / 2017

Jeon Soyeon is a fellow Cube Artist who appeared on the first season of Produce 101 and made it to the finals. This single was her debut as a soloist before she officially debuted with (G)I-DLE in 2018. Kuanlin is one of several Cube artists who appear in the music video, along with Wooseok (Pentagon) and Dawn (who was in Pentagon at the time). (G)I-DLE’s Soojin is also there, but she’s wearing a mask.

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